2-who’s MASA?

ENG profile pic-2

【 MASA’s ‘very’ brief profile 】
Name : Masaru Yamashita
Born and raised in : Japan
Working at French Cuisine restaurant in Japan.
Moved to Canada, studied business management.
With French cuisine back ground, managed
Fusion style Japanese restaurant in Canada.
Now moved to Taiwan, with more than 25 years of cooking experience as professional chef, presently working as a culinary producer and a cooking instructor.
Besides cooking, love taking photos and drawing.

【 Mini MASA 】
His job is to make sure everyone happily follows the cooking steps and to provide useful information.
Otherwise,, he shows up whenever he feels like…





【 MASA says hello 】
Hi I’m MASA! The Japanese-Otaku-chef
Is cooking so much pain in the neck?
Need to have lots of skills to do it?
Require professional tools?
Prepare lots of materials?
Don’t worry,,  I will show you how to cook easily
with “less efforts and more fun”!

MASA’s recipes are all presented with lots of pictures
and it’s super easy to follow! (I believe..)
Ever since I moved in Taiwan, on my website, I have been sharing
numbers of recipes written in Chinese.

And I have been always asked
if I ever have any other languages to share my recipes..

Now I’ve established another cooking recipe site in English so I can share
with everyone in the whole world around!!

It may take some time to process re-editing & translating..
I can only post the recipes one at the time.
(but, some recipes I pick may be presented exclusively in English!!!)

“Cooking isn’t just about cutting & frying..
It’s an entertainment you can create on your own…
Hope everyone enjoys my recipes
and have lots of fun in your kitchen.
Remember,, you are the Hana-ita/head chef!!”

Thanks for visiting and please keep coming by! o( _ _ )o

MASA (Masaru Yamashita/山下 勝)

9 thoughts on “2-who’s MASA?

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  2. Hi Masa-san! Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful and easy to follow recipes and not to forget, thank you also for sharing the important cooking tips! I hope to buy your recipe books if there’s any English translation next time! For now, I would say thank and ganbatte!

  3. Hi Masa, I accidently watched your video in a online foodstore showing how to cook oyako don. That’s the best I’ve ever seen, easy and direct, not too much too buy(most recipe video in Chinese I’ve seen ask your prepare for lots of sauces for different kind of don of hot pot). I now living in Shanghai, I can see you have a weibo account and your video is on Sina, but honestly your videos are too hard to find in Baidu, lack of links. Do you mind if I post your videos on bilibili and acfun? (the websites are more like Chinese versions of niconico) and also wondering if you have a wechat public account. Anyway hope to see more wonderful videos of yours.

  4. Hi masa-san

    I really enjoyed watching your cooking videos which was on FB n I’ve followed some of your delicious receipes n they were awesome…!!!! You are definitely my favourite chef on FB….!!! Good job..!!!

  5. Hi Masa-san,
    I accidentally clicked a link and it went to yr video today. I immediately love it..i went from 1 video to more than 10 videos..i just couldn’t stop watching them. You make cooking so easy n simple! I will definitely watch yr video everyday!! Love yr chinese ascent too!

  6. Happy New Year! Masa sensei,
    I was youtube-ing on Japanese cooking a few days ago and I stumbled upon yours.
    I am very inspired by your easy teaching and preparation of food.
    Thanks for sharing on how to choose Miso,I finally get to make some miso soup today. I am going to try making Agedashi Toufu this weekend 🙂

    Ling / Singapore

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