Japanese dish, Spinach, Bento recipes-Ohitashi Spinach in Dashi maki Egg Roll

Ohitashi is one of the very popular Japanese cold dish. Usually we use green leafy vegetables to make it. Combining Japanese seasonings with katsuo’s umami can make very light yet tasteful dish. This time I made Dashimaki style egg sheet to roll in. It turned out very attractive Oshitashi! It’s also suitable to pack into your bento box~!
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Japanese dishes, Tofu recipes-Tofu & Spinach Shiro ae

Tofu can be transformed into many dishes. This time, I would like to show you “Shiro ae” Shiro means white and ae generally includes mixing process. Process tofu into puree can represent white. Pick seasonal ingredients and mix in. It’s very simple dish yet it contents lots of protein and fiber. Since using tofu puree, this type of dish tend to become too light or even tasteless… Not to worry! I used miso & sesame seasonings. It gives much depth in the flavor. I also pre-seasoned spinach with Katsuo bushi. Please enjoy tasteful & healthy tofu dish~!
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Pie recipe-Step By Step-Squash and Spinach Quiche

As I showed you previously how to make dough. Now It’s time to make a homemade pie! Because this pie itself is not either sweet or salty, it can be used for both dessert and savory dish. Since I happen to have squash in my fridge, I decided to make quiche.
Although,quiches are one of traditional French pies, it’s also very popular in Japan. Filling can be anything. Choose whatever you like and fill in with an egg mixture also known as Appareil. The key to a great pie would be the crust. You don’t want to end up with soggy or burn on the bottom. Let’s see how to avoid this and make nice light flaky crust with succulent filling!!
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