Rice recipes, Japanese dish-Mentaiko&Yamaimo Zousui

After having a heavy new year party meal, you may want to give your stomach a little break..Zousui can be commonly eaten when you want to have something light. This time I used mentaiko and yamaimo mixture to top off the rice. Mentaiko itself has very concentrated flavor. Mixing with yamaimo is one of the perfect way to eat!
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Rice recipes, Tomato recipes-Zousui with Tomato & Basil Soup

 Zousui is one of the popular rice dish usually eaten in cold season. Add steamed rice into your favorite soup with dashi base and cook for a short time. Rice absorbs the soup, every spoon you can enjoy soothing & tasteful rice. This time I used fresh tomato to make soup. It’s rather similar to risotto but it’s much easier to make. If you happen to have any rice left over, you should definitely try this!
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Japanese Dishes, Rice recipes-Chicken Takikomi Gohan

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Here’s another rice recipe I would like to share. Takikomi gohan is one of the common rice dishes being served in all year. This time I used a regular pot instead of a rice cooker. Even you don’t have one of those Japanese high tech kitchen gadgets, you still can make nice tasteful takikomi gohan. Besides, it also gives you scorch also known as okoge which is not easy to make with an electric rice cooker. What you put in can be very flexible. You can add almost everything. See what’s seasonal or available at the market. Just to follow the basic rules and you will be able to make delicious Takikomi gohan on your own!! Continue reading

Rice recipes, Seafood recipes-Zousui Style Super Easy Clam Risotto

Zousui is usually served when a hot pot has nothing left but the soup. After enjoying lots of ingredients cooked in a hot pot, there are so much concentrated flavor left in the soup. To fully enjoy the very last drop of soup, we usually add some steamed rice and cook. It’s a bit similar to Chinese Congee. But we don’t cook that long. Add some steamed rice and beaten egg into the soup, bring it to a boil and then serve. The rice has absorbed so much flavor. Even your stomach is already full with hot pot, you can still easily finish one bowl! This time I’m not making a hot pot, but applying this idea to one of the famous rice dishes called “Risotto”. Cooking raw rice with fry pan is a little time consuming. You have to constantly add soup and stir until the rice turns into al dente. But if you switch this with steamed rice, you can save up lots of time. Since the heating process has been minimized, the rice texture is as good as the one served in Italian restaurants!!
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Rice recipes-Clams Takikomi Steamed Rice

 Seafood can be also great ingredients to make Takikomi Gohan. There’s a slight difference in cooking method. Since seafood tends to become hard by being heated for a long time, they should be processed separately. This time I used clams as a main ingredient. First extract clam juice by braising with white wine. With this concentrated juice and touch of soy sauce, you can cook wonderful seafood Takikomi Gohan!
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