Pasta recipes-Spaghetti with Umeboshi & Clam

Here’s one very refreshing pasta. Saka mushi style clams are good to serve as both itself or go with carbs. This time I decided to go with pasta. To add another twist, I used umeboshi. With this pickled tanginess, you pasta can become even more tasteful!
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Bento recipes, Pork recipes, Japanese dish-Tonkatsu Onigrirazu /Rice Sandwich

Tonkatsu can be also become a great filling for onigiri. This time I would like to share another style of onigiri called “Onigirazu” I have shared this food before.(please check the link here) Using this method, you can have much more filling in your onigiri. Not to mention a large piece of Tonkatsu can be also filled in! It’s very handy so you can take it with you anywhere you go!!
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Bento recipes, Pokémon GO-Kawaii Pokemon Rice Balls Bento

People are going insane about the game called “Pokémon GO” Starting in the U.S. When the game landed in Japan, it drew lots of attention. Now it’s available here in Taiwan. It rapidly spread and the population of users are still growing like there’s no limits…Since this game is so popular again, many items related to Pokemon are back on the shelves and making some business. Not to mention, food is also very much involved. This time, I would like to show you how to make Pokemon Ball and Pikachu! It doesn’t require any only-available-in-Japan-materials or any special mold. All ingredients should be available in the whole world. It IS very easy to get started. However, it may require a little practice. Especially when it comes to clipping nori, you may need a little patience to do so…I’ve prepared both picture and video instructions. To fully understand, I suggest you both watch and read. No more going outside wondering, looking for monsters. Let’s make your own Pokemon and pack into your Bento~!!  『Gotta CatchEm All~!』 Continue reading

Bento recipe, chicien recipe-Ume-boshi&Teriyaki Chicken Oyako Bento

Teriyaki chicken is very well recognized cuisine nowadays. While I was in Canada, I noticed there are so many chefs have their original Teriyaki sauce. Some come with ginger, some come with chili pepper, some chefs even add curry powder! Surprisingly, they are all good… I really enjoyed many different types of Teriyaki sauce. I also enjoy making Teriyaki chicken at home. It can be not only served as one dish, but served as sandwich filling, Udon topping and so on… Here on my website, I’ve already introduced a quite a few Teriyaki recipes. This time, I used one of the traditional Japanese preservative food. Pickled plum also known as “Ume boshi” is one of the common food we Japanese have in the fridges all the time. It’s now also available at many places around the world. The problem is that, many people are not too familiar how to deal with this particular food. May be used as Onigiri/rice ball filing for once or two and end up being buried in the fridge for a long time…Ume-boshi can be actually a very useful seasoning! Using its tanginess, you can give a little twist to your food! Since it’s preservative food, it’s also suitable to pack in a Bento box!
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Pasta recipes-Goma-miso Pork Shabu & Syun-giku Wafu cream Pasta

Syun-giku is one of my favorite vegetables. It’s commonly used for a hot pot. To fully enjoy this vegetable, it should be used for many more dishes. This time I decided to use it for pasta. Since It has very unique fragrance, it can be coordinated go with rather rich strong flavor sauce to balance up. I chose miso and sesame combination. It has carbonara-like texture but rather Japanese dish style. Oh,, don’t worry… If you don’t have Syun-giku available near by, you can use spinach or kale instead. You can still fully enjoy wonderful pasta!!
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