Chicken recipe, Japanese dishes-Super Silky Smooth Oyako Don

Here’s one of my cooking videos shared on my Youtube channel.
I’m Japanese, but since I’ve been sharing my recipes in Chinese,
I speak Mandarin while demonstrating.
I get quite a few requests if my videos can provide English sub.
So here’s one you can take a look!
Translation may not be perfect… but at least you get the idea somehow..;)
Please enjoy! and let me know if you like it!

Japanese dish, Spinach, Bento recipes-Ohitashi Spinach in Dashi maki Egg Roll

Ohitashi is one of the very popular Japanese cold dish. Usually we use green leafy vegetables to make it. Combining Japanese seasonings with katsuo’s umami can make very light yet tasteful dish. This time I made Dashimaki style egg sheet to roll in. It turned out very attractive Oshitashi! It’s also suitable to pack into your bento box~!
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Rice recipes, Tomato recipes-Zousui with Tomato & Basil Soup

 Zousui is one of the popular rice dish usually eaten in cold season. Add steamed rice into your favorite soup with dashi base and cook for a short time. Rice absorbs the soup, every spoon you can enjoy soothing & tasteful rice. This time I used fresh tomato to make soup. It’s rather similar to risotto but it’s much easier to make. If you happen to have any rice left over, you should definitely try this!
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Japanese dish-Gluten free Tofu&Yama-imo Okonomi Yaki

Okonomi yaki can be categorized as one of those what we call B級グルメ/B class gourmet. Meaning…inexpensive but delicious food. Many of these B class gourmet food include gluten ingredients such as flour. Local people also call it 粉もん. Okonomi yaki is usually made with flour mixture and lots of cabbage. But if you are on a diet, you may want to watch carbohydrates intake. You could make one with much less flour mixture or like this recipe”gluten-free” Okonomi yaki! Adding lots of tofu Instead of flour, you can make incredibly light texture Okonomiyaki with less calories!
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