Curry recipe, soup recipe-Hokkaido Style Chicken Soup Curry

 Curry is one of the most popular food in Japan all the time. It’s usually served on a plate along with steamed rice. Curry sauce itself has a little consistency which usually made with curry cube. There is another style of curry we enjoy these days. It’s called soup curry. It’s originally started in Hokkaido. Now there are lots of people recognize this dish. This time I would like to share some thing similar to the Hokkaido style curry soup. To create thickness in the soup, I didn’t use curry cube, but used lots of vegetable paste. You still can enjoy very smooth textured curry. Please enjoy with rice or bread!
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Salad recipe-Soba tsuyu Hot Potato Salad

 Potato salad doesn’t always have to be served as cold dish. It can be made as nice and warm salad. I used soba tsuyu and mayonnaise combination to make wafu style potato salad. To kick up the flavor,I decided to add a touch of curry powder. Using starchy materials such as potato can easily cause blurriness to the flavor, but using these combination of seasonings can make so tasteful potato salad.
Oh.. This time I used drawing method to share my recipe! Hope everyone likes it!! ; )
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Bento recipes, Pokémon GO-Kawaii Pokemon Rice Balls Bento

People are going insane about the game called “Pokémon GO” Starting in the U.S. When the game landed in Japan, it drew lots of attention. Now it’s available here in Taiwan. It rapidly spread and the population of users are still growing like there’s no limits…Since this game is so popular again, many items related to Pokemon are back on the shelves and making some business. Not to mention, food is also very much involved. This time, I would like to show you how to make Pokemon Ball and Pikachu! It doesn’t require any only-available-in-Japan-materials or any special mold. All ingredients should be available in the whole world. It IS very easy to get started. However, it may require a little practice. Especially when it comes to clipping nori, you may need a little patience to do so…I’ve prepared both picture and video instructions. To fully understand, I suggest you both watch and read. No more going outside wondering, looking for monsters. Let’s make your own Pokemon and pack into your Bento~!!  『Gotta CatchEm All~!』 Continue reading

Easy Steps Chicken Satay with Peanut butter Marinade

Many countries have their own skewered dishes or what you may want to call “brochettes”. In Japan we have Kushi Yaki. In Southeast Asia there is Satay. It’s just a matter of skewering piece of meat. But it can transform into such a great dish! How you arrange is very much up to you. This time I’m using peanut butter for marinade. When it’s barbecued, It comes out with very nice nutty aroma. To give a little twist to this dish I also made Southeast style salsa sauce. This dish will be great for early summer!!
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Beef recipe,BBQ recipe-Kushi-Yaki Beef in Ethnic Style

It’s getting much warmer outside. Thinking about out door meal? Here’s suitable recipe you may want to try. I used beef finger ribs marinated with curry powder. Using a hot grill pan cook until golden brown but still rare inside. You can enjoy nice and juicy one bite size tasteful beef. I also prepared sweet and sour onion sauce. It can give one more twist to the flavor!
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