Sandwich recipes, Breakfast-Kabocha Croissant Sandwich

 Kabocha can be cooked not just as Japanese dishes it can also turn into variety of styles. Since it contents lots of nutritious, it’s very suitable to serve as a healthy & easy breakfast. This time, to make healthy salad, I used yogurt and mayo for seasonings. Mixing with prawns’ protein and nuts’ minerals can also give you well balanced food!
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Bento recipes, Sandwich recipes-Niku-jyaga Croissant Sandwich

Here’s another arrangement of our favorite dish “Niku Jyaga”. Since it has concentrated flavor soaked in potato, it can go very well with not just steamed rice, also many kinds of carb including bread. We usually cook this dish very carefully so the potato won’t get dissolved and turning into mushy. But this time you don’t have to bother worrying about how the potato being cooked. You just cook till mash-potato-like texture. And then just simply fill in your favorite bread! This time I used croissant. With its flaky texture and buttery flavor, you can experience super delicious wa-fu sandwich! It’s very suitable for picnic. If I were still in Canada, I would definitely make a bunch of this and take them to English Bay!! ; ) Continue reading