Japanese dish, Burdock root recipe-Miso Stewed Tataki Gobo & Pork

 It’s just a root. But this root can turn into many dishes. Good thing about this food is that it’s fully packed with fiber. Meaning eating this vegetable gives you bowel movements. You just need to know how to deal with this tough texture ingredient. This time I used Tataki method to process it. It can work very effectively especially when you make a stew. With konjac you can enjoy low cal healthy tasteful dish!
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Japanese Dishes, Gobo recipes, Bento Dishes-Kimpira Stir Fried Gobo&Beef

 Gobo/burdock root should be also labeled as super food. Not only it contents lots of fibers, it also has lots of nutritious. Helps you prevent from high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes. It also has anti aging effect! It’s just a root, doesn’t look pretty. It’s very tough to cut apart but once you get along with this vegetable, you will be able to create so many healthy dishes! This time I stir fry with sliced beef. Gobo and beef combination always gives very good result. This dish can be served either hot or at room temperature. It’s also very suitable to pack into your bento box with steamed rice!
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Japanese Dishes, Rice recipes-Chicken Takikomi Gohan

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Here’s another rice recipe I would like to share. Takikomi gohan is one of the common rice dishes being served in all year. This time I used a regular pot instead of a rice cooker. Even you don’t have one of those Japanese high tech kitchen gadgets, you still can make nice tasteful takikomi gohan. Besides, it also gives you scorch also known as okoge which is not easy to make with an electric rice cooker. What you put in can be very flexible. You can add almost everything. See what’s seasonal or available at the market. Just to follow the basic rules and you will be able to make delicious Takikomi gohan on your own!! Continue reading

Japanese dish, Chicken recipes-Piri-Kara Goma Miso Chicken Hot Pot

Here’s another dish used goma & miso seasoning combination. Since it’s still chilly outside, I thought, sharing another hot pot recipe would be suitable…This time I used chicken thigh. But not just throwing into pot and cook with miso soup! I have certain way of making it. Searing meat before stewing can add incredibly lots of fragrance to the soup. Because it comes with miso based soup with white sesame, it can be not just served as a hot pot, also become udon soup! Just simply add some cooked udon into the soup. You may like it much better than ramen! I also added some chili oil to make it Piri-kara, meaning spicy… You can also sprinkle some nanami powder instead!
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Beef recipes-Beef & Konjak Miso Nikomi Stew

Introducing one of my favorite beef dishes! In Japan, we have dish called “Gyu-suji Nikomi” It’s a stew with beef tendons cooked until extremely tender so you can break apart with chop sticks. I just love this type of meaty dish to go with a bowl of steamed rice! It also contents lots of vegetables including konjack. Every item is very well cooked through and has full of taste absorbed in side…To make a perfect Nikomi, there are lots of processing required. But a moment you have a bite of meat, you will know it’s all worth it!

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