Japanese dish, Spinach, Bento recipes-Ohitashi Spinach in Dashi maki Egg Roll

Ohitashi is one of the very popular Japanese cold dish. Usually we use green leafy vegetables to make it. Combining Japanese seasonings with katsuo’s umami can make very light yet tasteful dish. This time I made Dashimaki style egg sheet to roll in. It turned out very attractive Oshitashi! It’s also suitable to pack into your bento box~!
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Bento recipes, Beef recipes-Beef Croquette Bento

Here’s healthy warm Bento combination. Usually, instead of deep frying croquettes, using baking method can make cut down oil. Because the breadcrumbs are roasted golden brown, it’s just as crispy as being deep fried. Tofu based white sauce is very easy to make. It turns into silky smooth sauce. Classic style ketchup fried rice can be also turn into more complex flavor by adding tabasco and soy sauce. This bento can be served at room temperature or warm. Whether you microwave or throw into low temp oven to warm up. Please enjoy tasteful bento~!(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
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Bento recipe-Kawai Rirakkuma Omelet Rice


Here’s another super Kawaii Dish! This time, a little bear will be the main character in a bento box. There’s this popular animal character called “Rilakkuma” meaning..relaxing bear. You can find so many goods related to this character in Japan. Since this character is called this way, I decided to let him relax in my Bento box with an egg blanket!!
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Bento recipes, Seafood recipe-Assorted Seafood Katsu Bento

Katsu is one of the most popular deep-fried dishes in Japan. It has nice crispy texture outside and juicy inside. When we mention Katsu, it usually means breaded pork. But as long as food is covered with breadcrumbs also known as Pan-ko can be called katsu. It’s originally come from a word “cutlet” .   This time, I would like to show you how to make assorted seafood katsu along with Wa-fu salsa sauce and Ohitashi. They all can be served individually as a meal. You can either pack them all into your Bento box or decorate them on plates and have them for your breakfast or dinner!
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Sushi recipe, Bento recipe-California roll & Teriyaki Chicken Bento

I would like to show you another Bento recipe by using what I have demonstrated earlier. Bento shouldn’t require too many recipes to make. Whatever you usually make at home CAN be suitable! One of my usual dishes is teriyaki chicken. this can be great dish to pack in. Because it’s been marinated and then cooked, every bite is so taste full. Even it’s not hot, it’s still very enjoyable! And for carb. I chose sushi roll. You don’t have to use fancy “Makisu/bamboo rolling mat” With plastic wrap, you can instantly make restaurant-grade California roll! For the fiber part, I made Cucumber & Wakame Sunomono. it has light rice vinegar flavor.
It freshens up your taste buds while having Bento! (´¬`)<-mouth watering
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