Bento recipes, Beef recipes-Beef Croquette Bento

Here’s healthy warm Bento combination. Usually, instead of deep frying croquettes, using baking method can make cut down oil. Because the breadcrumbs are roasted golden brown, it’s just as crispy as being deep fried. Tofu based white sauce is very easy to make. It turns into silky smooth sauce. Classic style ketchup fried rice can be also turn into more complex flavor by adding tabasco and soy sauce. This bento can be served at room temperature or warm. Whether you microwave or throw into low temp oven to warm up. Please enjoy tasteful bento~!(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
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Nimono, Pork recipes-Kasane-ni Style Pork & Cabbage with Tomato Sauce

“Kasane” generally means “pile up” It’s one of the cooking method being used in Japan. Usually made with only vegetables including carrot, onion, shitake mushrooms. This time I combined one of the popular dishes stuffed cabbage rolls with kasane style method! This way, you don’t have to bother wrapping every filling with cabbage leaves like spring rolls! It’s also looking very attractive on a plate!
This can be great for a gathering meal! ヽ(´▽`)/〜♪HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!
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Salad recipe-Soba tsuyu Hot Potato Salad

 Potato salad doesn’t always have to be served as cold dish. It can be made as nice and warm salad. I used soba tsuyu and mayonnaise combination to make wafu style potato salad. To kick up the flavor,I decided to add a touch of curry powder. Using starchy materials such as potato can easily cause blurriness to the flavor, but using these combination of seasonings can make so tasteful potato salad.
Oh.. This time I used drawing method to share my recipe! Hope everyone likes it!! ; )
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Sandwich recipe, Egg recipe-Tamago-Yaki Sandwich

Tamago Yaki also known as Japanese rolled egg is one of the very popular egg dishes for breakfast. Because it can be served either hot or cold, it’s suitable for bento dishes as well. Since picnicking has been very popular these days, I thought I would make a special sandwich with this juicy rolled egg! To make it even more flavorful, I made Wafu honey mustard sauce to go with. You can go with either sandwich bread, buns. Whatever you feel convenient.. this sauce can be also used to top off pouched eggs instead of Hollandaise sauce.  If you’re tired having regular egg sandwiches, this may freshen up your picnic lunch!
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