Bento, Sandwich, Japanese dish-Yakisoba Sub Sandwich

Here’s one of popular Gakushoku dish’s recipe! Gakushoku is something similar to school cafeteria where students get to eat high volume of meal at low prices. This time I would like to share one of the cheapest snacks sold in Gakushoku which gives satisfaction to your hungry stomach! It’s called Yaki soba Pan. Yaki soba is already a complete dish. But it’s also suitable to turn into bento. Have your favorite bun and make it into sub sandwich~!
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Bento recipes, Beef recipes-Beef Croquette Bento

Here’s healthy warm Bento combination. Usually, instead of deep frying croquettes, using baking method can make cut down oil. Because the breadcrumbs are roasted golden brown, it’s just as crispy as being deep fried. Tofu based white sauce is very easy to make. It turns into silky smooth sauce. Classic style ketchup fried rice can be also turn into more complex flavor by adding tabasco and soy sauce. This bento can be served at room temperature or warm. Whether you microwave or throw into low temp oven to warm up. Please enjoy tasteful bento~!(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
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Japanese Dishes, Gobo recipes, Bento Dishes-Kimpira Stir Fried Gobo&Beef

 Gobo/burdock root should be also labeled as super food. Not only it contents lots of fibers, it also has lots of nutritious. Helps you prevent from high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes. It also has anti aging effect! It’s just a root, doesn’t look pretty. It’s very tough to cut apart but once you get along with this vegetable, you will be able to create so many healthy dishes! This time I stir fry with sliced beef. Gobo and beef combination always gives very good result. This dish can be served either hot or at room temperature. It’s also very suitable to pack into your bento box with steamed rice!
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Bento recipes, Sandwich recipes-Niku-jyaga Croissant Sandwich

Here’s another arrangement of our favorite dish “Niku Jyaga”. Since it has concentrated flavor soaked in potato, it can go very well with not just steamed rice, also many kinds of carb including bread. We usually cook this dish very carefully so the potato won’t get dissolved and turning into mushy. But this time you don’t have to bother worrying about how the potato being cooked. You just cook till mash-potato-like texture. And then just simply fill in your favorite bread! This time I used croissant. With its flaky texture and buttery flavor, you can experience super delicious wa-fu sandwich! It’s very suitable for picnic. If I were still in Canada, I would definitely make a bunch of this and take them to English Bay!! ; ) Continue reading