Japanese dishes, Udon recipe-Miso Stewed Chicken Udon

 Introducing very easy way to enjoy Miso hot pot! It’s called “Miso Nikomi Udon” Cooking chicken in miso based soup can release nice stock, giving another layer of flavor. Because udon is cooked in this wonderful soup, it absorbs lots of flavor and you can enjoy every single noodle in your mouth!

[ Ingredients ] *tsp=tea spoon tbs=table spoon
~ serves one ~
1 Chicken thigh
1 tsp *Salted rice molt
*You can use sake(1 tsp) and salt(1/4 tsp) instead.
1 Frozen udon(ready to eat)
1 stalk Green onion
50g Shimeji mushrooms
1~2 Shitake mushrooms
30g Enoki mushrooms
1 Egg

350ml Dashi
2 tbs Miso
2 tbs Sake
21tbs Mirin

(•̀ㅂ•́)وto see Japanese seasonings explanations please click here!


[ Directions ]

1. Cut stems off shitake mushrooms.

2. Stems can also come out with nice stock. Let’s not discard them, slice and use them!

3. Here’s a little decoration you can try. Slit shitake head in “V” shape.

4. Do the same in crosswise. This should create “X” mark on the surface!

5. Trim the roots off shimeji mushrooms.

6. Take each stem apart by hands.

7. If your Enoki mushrooms come in a package, you can directly trim the roots with package on.
(•̀ㅂ•́)وthis way, your cutting board won’t get messed up with dirt!


8. After discarding the root and package, tear them into small bundles.

9. Cut green onion in diagonally.

10. Now you have all the vegetables ready!
(•̀ㅂ•́)وFor the green, I added Shang-hi baby bock choy. You can also add cabbage, if you like!


11. Cut chicken thigh into small pieces.

12. Add shio-koji/salted rice molt, mix well and leave for 5~10minutes to marinate.
(•̀ㅂ•́)وYou can use sake(1 teaspoon) & salt(1/4 teaspoon) instead.


13. Add miso into a ceramic pot also known as “Do-Nabe”
(•̀ㅂ•́)وIf you don’t have this type of pot, you can use a regular small pot.


14. Add sake & Mirin.

15. Whisk well, make sure miso dissolves completely.

16. Add Dashi.

17. Add shitake stems. Start cooking on medium heat.

18. Add the chicken.

19. You can also add add white part of green onion. Simmer it for 5 minutes or until chicken is done.

20. When chicken is ready, you can add cooked udon.
(•̀ㅂ•́)وYou can use frozen “Sanuki Udon” or whatever comes in handy! Just make sure to use ready to eat type.


21. Add other prepared vegetables.

22. You can lastly add one egg on top.

23. Cover and cook for another few minutes and serve!!

Serving on a portable charcoal stove can keep your nabe nice and warm!!


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