Japanese dish-Saka Mushi Pork Shabu & Vegetable with Goma Miso Sauce

Here’s another Shabu Shabu dish! This time I used Saka Mushi method to steam ingredients. Using sake can add nice malt aroma to the food. If you are on a diet, this is very suitable dish! I also made tasteful Goma Miso sauce to go with Shabu Shabu sliced meat. This Goma Miso sauce is very versatile. It can be used for many kinds of dishes. Once you make a big batch of it. You can store in the fridge. Adding to pasta, fried rice or even instant noodles!

[ Ingredients ] *tsp=tea spoon tbs=table spoon
[ Spicy Goma Miso Sauce ]
~ makes 200g ~
5 tbs White sesame powder
2 tbs White sesame grain
1 tbs Miso
1 tbs Mirin
3 tbs Soy sauce
3 tbs Mayonnaise
1 tbs Chili oil
[ Pork Shyabu & Vegetable ]
2tsp Spicy Goma Miso Sauce
2tsp Water
2~3 leaves Cabbage
80g Bean sprouts
30g Carrot
6 slices Pork
Salt & Black pepper to taste
50ml Water
2 tbs Sake

(•̀ㅂ•́)وto see Japanese seasonings explanations please click here!

[ Directions ]

1. First off, let’s prepare Goma Miso sauce! To make fully aromatic sauce, it’s always a good idea to toast sesame before grinding.

2. Put into a grinder or food processor.

3. Grind it but not too fine…
『MASA’s Cooking Tips』
(•̀ㅂ•́)وGrind it too fine can produce oil. It gets sticky and becomes hard to handle.

4. Combine miso, mirin, soy sauce and mayonnaise.

5. Add freshly ground sesame.

6. To enjoy the crunchy texture, you can also add whole grain white sesame.

7. Mix it well.

8. To make it spicy, you can add chili oil if you like..

9. Transfer into a container. Now you have handy dandy Goma Miso Sauce! You can store in the fridge and use it any time you like!
『MASA’s Cooking Tips』
(•̀ㅂ•́)وIt can be used for many kinds of dishes. Adding to pasta, fried rice, even instant noodles!

10. This time, let’s make Saka Mushi Pork Shabu and Vegetables! Cut cabbage into the size that’s easy to eat.

11. Carrot should be thinly sliced so it can be cooked quickly with other vegetables.

12. Cut sliced pork into small pieces.
『MASA’s Cooking Tips』
(•̀ㅂ•́)وYou can use any kinds of meat including beef, lamb or even seafood!

13. Place all the vegetables into a large thick bottomed pot.

14. Lay sliced pot evenly on the top.

15. Add sake and water.
『MASA’s Cooking Tips』
(•̀ㅂ•́)وThis steaming method called “Saka Mushi” steaming ingredients with sake can give nice sake aromatic flavor.

16. Sprinkle some salt & black pepper.

17. Put a lid on. Turn on the stove. Cook on medium heat for about 5minutes or meat is cooked.

18. Add water into Goma Miso Sauce to adjust the thick ness.

19. Now you have all the materials ready!
Decorate on a plate and serve along with the sauce!

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