Japanese Dish, chicken recipe-Sake Steamed Chiken & Ume chazuke

To me, Chazuke is one of the late-night-meal-style dishes. With a bowl of rice, add some salty pickled vegetables and pour some green tea in. Rice with green tea? Yes, As the name explains, “Cha” means green tea and “zuke” generally means to soak. Having rice with lots of soup may sound like Zou-sui/Japanese rice porridge but it doesn’t require cooking in a pot. Back when I was a student, I often had this… After a part time job, got home late. If there’s no meal left I would just quickly make this dish… I’d had staff meal at the work but for teenagers, it’s never enough, always had to put something in my stomach… Nutritious speaking, It may not that ideal meal. But if you could simply change the ingredients this can also become healthy meal! This time I used saka-mushi chicken breast as a main ingredient. It turn out to be much satisfying dish! For those who are not a big fan of chicken breast, you may want to try this succulent, heart warming Japanese late-night-meal-style dish!!

[ Ingredients ] *tsp=tea spoon tbs=table spoon
~ serves two ~
4 strips Chicken filet
2 tbs Sake
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp Soba tsuyu
500ml Water
2 tsp Green onion,chopped
2 Pickled plums, pit removed and chopped.
2 bowls Steamed rice
2~3 Senbei/Japanese rice crackers
2 pinches Nori, shredded

*to see Japanese seasonings explanations please click here!




[ Directions ]

1. I bought one pack of chicken filet also known as “Sasami” It has very tender texture and contents minimum fat. it’s very suitable to go with light soy sauce based soup.

It doesn’t have to be a filet part. You can use regular skinless chicken breast.



2. This particular part of chicken has a tendon running in the middle. You may want to discard this part so you can fully enjoy the tender texture. To expose it, you can cut right underneath the tendon by using a petty knife.

3. and then flip the meat with tendon facing down. Hold on to one end of tendon and pull as you are moving the knife back and forth to strip off the tendon.

4. Now you have Sasami-chicken with no tendon!

5. Prepare “Saka-shio” it’s the mixture of sake and salt. Simply add salt into sake and mix well.

It’s very useful when you want to give fundamental flavor. It can be also used for seafood.



6. Drizzle the saka-shio to the chicken and marinate for 5 minutes or so.

7. How you cook is very much up to you. This time I used microwave. Cover with wrap and cook for 2~3minutes or till every piece turns white.

You can use a steamer as well.



8. Add about 500ml water into a pot and add all the juice came out from the chicken when steaming.

this juice contents chicken essence with sake aroma. Don’t ever dump it away!



9. For seasoning, add soba tsuyu.

Usually Chazuke goes with green tea. But green tea bitterness may over power the chicken essence. I decided to go with light soba tsuyu soup. In fact, it tastes way much better!! (≧▽≦)/ umai!



10. Shred the chicken with forks.

It’s much easier to process while the chicken is still warm.



11. For the garnish, I chose senbei/Japanese rice crackers.

You can use any type of senbei that’s available. The idea is, just like croutons in Caesar salad, to add crunchy texture in your dish! It gets very tasteful especially when half way soaked in the soup!!



12. You can simply crumble into small pieces.

13. And you can also add chopped pickled plum and green onion along with Nori,white sesame.

You can choose any kinds of food for garnish. If you want to have some spiciness, you can add Kimchee/Korean pickled veg. For the sharpness, add some Wasabi! Create your own Chazuke!!



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