Pork recipe,Japanese dish-Tatsuta Pork with Teiyaki & Oroshi

Tatsuta-age is one of the popular Japanese deep fry dishes among others such as Kara-age. Using starch to make crispy texture. When deep fry dishes mentioned, lots of people reacts negatively. Just because of using a big amount of oil to handle. Consuming so much oil for your meal and also thinking about cleaning up process…It just let many people hesitate to cook at home. This time I would like to share much easier way to make deep fry dish. And it’s still as crispy as Tatsuta-age but much lighter than typical deep fry dish! Garnish with daikon purée and sour teriyaki-like sauce can let you experience a new flavor of Japanese dish!!

[ Ingredients ] *tsp=tea spoon tbs=table spoon
~ serves two ~
120g sliced pork
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tbs potato starch
[ Wafu sour Teriyaki sauce ]
80ml water
1/2 tbs sake
1 tbs Mirin
1tbs soy sauce
1/2 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tbs vinegar
1/2 tbs potato starch

2 tsp green onion,chopped
2 tbs daikon oroshi/purée
4 leaves lettuce
4 mini tomatoes

*to see Japanese seasonings explanations please click here!




[ Directions ]

1. Cut daikon about 4~5cm thick and peel. Grate into purée with Oroshi-gane or grater.

You can also use blender or food processor.



2. Put into strainer drain out the excess water.

Q. Why garnish with daikon?
A. Because daikon contents lots of enzyme which helps digest oil in your stomach more effectively. We usually use daikon oroshi as a garnish when having deep fried dishes such as Tempra or Tonkatsu


3. Mix all the ingredients of [ Wafu sour Teriyaki sauce ]

4. Be sure to dissolve starch, otherwise it gets lumpy when heated.

5. Lay each slice of pork and sprinkle salt and pepper evenly.

6. Dredge with potato starch evenly..

You can use corn starch instead.



7. Shake off the excess starch.

Having too much starch on the surface can absorb lots of oil while sautéing and end up very greasy pork…



8. Heat up a frypan add some vegetable oil. Put prepared pork into the pan. For the best result, add 2 or 3 slices at he time. Do not to let them stick together. Sauté both side of pork until crispy.

Usually we use deep fry them. But to make it healthly and easy to handle, I decided to use sautéing method.



9. Place them on a paper towel to a absorb the excess oil.

10. Wipe off the frypan and add prepared sauce. Heat up on low heat.

You might find precipitation of starch. Make sure to mix again before adding into the pot.



11. When start to seeing bubbles and turning into glazed consistency, you can shut off the stove.
Put some daikon oroshi on the pork as you decorate on your plate and put some sauce and sprinkle chopped green onion.

The consistency may be deferent depending on the size of your pan and heating condition. You can adjust it by adding some water.



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