Seafood recipe-Saka Mushi Seafood with Vegetable

Having less carb. and more protein and fiber is one of very common ways to your diet. Even knowing this thought, it’s still sometimes hard to follow this rule… Not having enough carb just makes you feel unsatisfied.. This time I would like to share very easy simple yet very satisfying seafood dish! Using variety of seafood and lots vegetables with this saka-mushi method, you can enjoy wonderful meal all the time!!

[ Ingredients ] *tsp=tea spoon tbs=table spoon
~ serves two ~
300g clams
10 prawns
1/2 squid,inside cleaned
4 leaves cabbage
20g carrot
2 bunches Shang hai bock choy
5cm Konbu
3 tbs soba tsuyu
3 tbs sake
50cc water
1/4 tsp black pepper

*to see Japanese seasonings explanations please click here!




[ Directions ]

To remove sand from clams, soak into salted water,as salty as seawater, and cover. Leave it for 30minutes or so to let the clams spit out all the sand remained inside shells.

2. Cut carrot into strips

Steaming time is very short. To have soften carrot within a short time, make sure to slice thin.



3. Cut cabbage into 3~4cm wide or whatever the you desire.

4. Trim off Shang-hai bock choy’s roots and wash well make sure the bottom parts are clean.

You can use other green vegetables such as asparagus, green beans and so on..



5. Cut squid into rings.

6. After soaking salted water, wash the shells by rubbing each other under running water.

7. Lay all the cut vegetables in a pot.

8. Place one sheet of dried Konbu.

9. Add all the seafood on top of vegetables.

10. Pour Soba tusuyu.

I’m using concentrated soba tsuyu. You can use any type of soba tsuyu.



11. Add some sake.

Adding sake can give you nice fermented rice aroma.



12. Add water.

If you want to enjoy with lots of soup, you can increase water.



13. Turn on the stove. After bringing it to the boil,cover the pot and keep steaming on low heat for about 2~3 minutes

Try not to cook too long. All the materials can be cooked very quickly. As soon as you see clams’ shells are all opened, you can shut off the stove.



14. when it’s cook you can sprinkle some black pepper and nanami powder if you have.

15. Don’t miss out the konbu placed on the top! That can become a very good garnish! Shred it and put on the top when serving.

This dish has highly concentrated seafood & vegetable juice. You can also mix with pasta, that makes tasty Wa-fu seafood spaghetti!



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