Dessert recipe-Super Easy & Refreshing Coffee Jelly

Here’s one very refreshing jelly recipe. When you go super market, there are so many flavors of jelly to chose from. Orange,grape,pudding,and so on.. I personally like coffee flavored. But most of the brand only carry “coffee-like” flavor and not much of coffee “aroma”…Luckily I found very useful recipe on Japanese magazine. It’s very easy. You don’t have to use those artificial flavored instant jelly. Just simply go get one of your favorite coffee shop’s coffee and turning into very refreshing jelly with full of aroma!

[ Ingredients ] *tsp=tea spoon tbs=table spoon
~ serves one ~
350ml Iced coffee
6g Gelatin sheet or powder
1 tbs Heavy cream and/or Milk
50g Sugar
50ml Water
[ Directions ]

1. Soak gelatin sheet in cold water.

The same amount of gelatin powder can be also used instead. It may need to be mixed with water before hand. Please read the direction on the package.



2. Go get your favorite coffee shop’s iced coffee.

You could also use home brewed iced coffee instead.



3. Pour out about 50ml of iced coffee into a pot. Put the rest of the coffee aside.

I am making black coffee jelly serving with syrup and cream. But, if you want to make “sweetened” coffee jelly, you can add some sugar or syrup in your coffee at this point.



4. Make sure your gelatin sheet has become soft.

5. Heat up your coffee to about 50~60 Celsius. Shut off the stove and then add the gelatin.

If the liquid is too hot, gelatin doesn’t set well. Make sure not to over heat the coffee.



6. Whisk well make sure all the gelatin well dissolved.

7. Pour the coffee back into the cup, mix with the rest of the coffee.

8. Stir well..

9. Cover the cup and put into the fridge for about 3~4hours or longer until it sets.

10. If you want to make your own syrup. you can refer the ratio showing above.
I usually add equal part of water into sugar and heat until bubbles.

11. When it’s being served, you can add some heavy cream or milk to neutralize the bitterness.

12. I like crushing the jelly as mixing in some syrup. You can enjoy with either a spoon or thick straw!

Using the same method, you can try different averages such as black tea, Japanese macha and so on…



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