Japanese dish, Pasta recipe-Stir fried Curry Udon

Another easy & delicious way of making Yaki Udon! this time I used curry powder to spice up the flavor! If you don’t have frozen udon, you can replace with spaghettis! Still very much enjoyable “Japanized” Italian Cuisine!!

[ Ingredients ] *tsp=tea spoon tbs=table spoon
~ serves one ~
1 frozen udon
1 chicken thigh, cut into small pieces
1/4 onion, sliced
1 bunch spinach,blanched and cut into small pieces
[ Udon sauce ]
40ml soba tsuyu
1/2 tbs mirin
80ml water
1/2 tbs Curry powder

*to see Japanese seasonings explanations please click here!




[ Directions ]

1. Prepare all the ingredients.

You can replace with any vegetables you like.



2. Add a little oil into heated fry pan and put chicken in. Stir fry on high heat.

For the best result, you may want cook with a big flame.



3. Stir fry onion until translucent.

4. Add spinach and mix well.

Spinach can change its color very easily while cooking. Try not cook too long.



5. Add curry powder and stir fry, let aroma come out.make sure all the powder spread evenly.

6. Add soba tsuyu,mirin and water.

7. Place frozen udon into the fry pan and cover it. Keep cooking on medium heat until udon comes loose.

you don’t have to particularly defrost beforehand. You can directly add frozen piece.



8. When the udon all soften you can check the flavor see if any adjustments needed.

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