Egg recipes-Seafood Omelet Rice

One of my favorite Western food is omelet. Especially the one comes with steamed rice inside. We call it “omu-raisu” there are so many ways to make this dish. This time I would like to share very easy way to make omuraisu with runny tender half way cooked omelet covering fried rice. On top of that, I am serving with tasteful seafood creamy sauce! If you are tired of usual omelet served with ketchup, this is a perfect alternative!

[ Ingredients ] *tsp=tea spoon tbs=table spoon
~ serves one ~
130g steamed rice
2 tbs Onion, chopped
1 slice Bacon, chopped
1 tbs Ketchup
2~3 Prawns
2~3 Scallops
1/2 Squid
1 tsp Shallots
2 tsp Butter
2 tbs White wine
3 tbs Heavy cream
[ Directions ]

1. Add chopped bacon into heated fry pan. Stir fry it until bacon oil comes out. Add chopped onion. Keep stir frying until translucent.

2. Add butter. let it melt. Add steamed rice, mix well.

3. Add ketchup stir well. Lastly add salt and pepper to adjust the taste.

4. Transfer the fried rice to the plate and cover with tinfoil to keep it warm.

5. Rinse the pan and add butter. Heat up the pan on low heat.
Add chopped shallots cook until aroma comes out.

6. Add seafood into the pan and stir fry on medium high heat.

Over cooking will result though texture. Try to cook with big flame for a short time.



7. Pour white wine and cook for a few seconds to evaporate the alcohol.

8. Add heavy cream cook until it shows consistency.

If you are worried your seafood get too tough while cooking, you can take them out from the pan first and then keep on cooking the sauce until desired consistency.



9. add a pinch of salt into eggs and mix well.

10. add some butter into a fry pan and let it melt on low medium heat. Pour in the egg.

11. By using spatula, scrape egg toward inside to make a sheet of scrambled egg.

12. Slide the egg to cover the rice and sauce with seafood cream.

This way yon don’t have to bother yourself making an omelet. with half way cooked runny eggs covering rice has very nice texture!





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