Japanese dish, seafood recipe-Miso BBQ Black Cod

There are many ways to bake fish. In France they use salt to cover entire fish and bake. It’s very unique and also effective. Keeping the moisture and seasoning at the same time while baking. In Japan we sometimes use miso when baking fish. We don’t actually put in the oven with miso covered. But use Saikyo-miso for marination. Using this particular type of miso can make very tasteful but not too salty flavor. It’s enjoyable even it’s cold. Packing in your bento is also very suitable. This time I used black cod as traditional way. But you can switch with any kind of fish. See what you get at the super market and try this miso marinated baked fish!

[ Ingredients ] *tsp=tea spoon tbs=table spoon
~ serves four ~
4 filets Black Cod
[ miso marinade ]
300g Saikyo Miso
1~2 tbs sake
300g regular miso
3 tbs Mirin
3tbs sake


*to see Japanese seasonings explanations please click here!




[ Directions ]

1. Before start marination, sprinkle some salt on black cod and leave them for about 30 minutes.

Salt can extract excess water which contains fishy smell inside the fish.



2. Combine miso with sake to soften.

Saikyo miso is made in Kyoto. It’s rather sweet and suitable to make marinade. But you CAN use regular miso instead. You will just have to add some Mirin to make it sweet. Please refer the ingredients listed above.



3. After 30 minutes or so you now wipe off the excess water on the surface.

4. To be able to remove from the marinade easily, wrap the fish with paper towel or gauze
5. Spread prepared miso evenly to cover the whole piece of fish.

6. You can process this inside of plastic bag.

7. After spreading you can seal the bag and store in the fridge for 1~2 days depending on the thickness of your fish.

8. After marination your fish will turn into amber color. You can now remove from the paper towel wrap.

9. Wipe off the excess miso if there’s any left.

Miso burns very easily. To avoid blacken fish while baking, try to get rid of all the miso left on the surface.



10. If you are not using all of them, you can place in ziploc and store in the freezer.

This type of half prepared food can be very useful when you are preparing bento!



11. Place the fish into preheated oven(170 Celsius) bake for approximately 10 minutes.

Baking time may be varied depending on the size of the fish.



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