How Do You Cut Onion??

How Do You Cut Onion??
Do you ever wonder in which direction to slice onion? Do I slice lengthwise or crosswise?? This is my onion rules I usually follow… 1- 1. Let’s see how to process onion… First, trim off the head and root and then remove skin. POINT-ENG

There are so many recipes include onions for the ingredients. It’s one of the most nutritious vegetables which contains lots of vitamin B-1. it also helps lower cholesterol and clean up your blood stream and prevents from clogging. So.. It doesn’t hurt you to eat at all!!

2- 2. [ cutting crosswise ] cutting onion’s fiber(or whatever that’s running lengthwise) meaning,,, it gets much easier to come out onion’s flavor. POINT-ENG

*If you are making salad and you want to remove its sharpness, I would recommend cutting crosswise. slice crosswise and soak in water can wash off sharpness much easily. *Making French onion gratin (Onion soup) will be also the same idea. Stir fry thinly crosswise sliced onion can easily release its flavor. in this case,, sweetness.

2- 3. [ cutting lengthwise ] cut along with onion’s fiber. meaning,, keeping onion’s structure. POINT-ENG

*If you are making stir-fried vegetable and want to enjoy crunchiness, cut it lengthwise and use high heat to cook in short time. *If you are making stew and don’t want to dissolve onion while simmering, cutting lengthwise can hold onions structure longer.


**Of course there are also many other thoughts on deciding how you cut each vegetables. This is just a reference you can keep in your mind. And see what fits your needs!! After all… please enjoy your onion!ヽ(´▽`)/~♪

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