Japanese dish,noodles recipe-Super Quick and Easy! Curry Soup Udon.

You don’t know what to eat for lunch? Want something easy but tasteful warm meal? This may be what you are looking for! Throw a frozen udon in the curry flavored soup and cook for a few minutes your complete meal is instantly ready!

[ Ingredients ] *tsp=tea spoon tbs=table spoon
~ serves one~
One portion Frozen udon
80g chicken
1tbs Curry powder
50ml soba tsuyu
200~250ml water
1 shitake mushroom
50g enoki mushrooms
1stalk green onion
3 slices fish cake
1 boiled egg

*to see Japanese seasonings explanations please click here!




[ Directions ]

1. Cut all the ingredients into small pieces.

2. On medium heat stir fry the children till golden brown. And then add other ingredients(except for green vegetables)

3. Add curry powder.

You can change the amount of curry powder at your preference.



4. Add water and soba tsuyu.

5. Add frozen udon into it and cover. Simmer until the noodles get thawed out and absorb the soup.

This type of udon doesn’t need to be defrosted beforehand.



6. After a few minutes, noodles should be all loosened up. You can now add green vegetables for color.

This noodles are pre cooked, try not to cook too long. Otherwise noodles get too soggy.



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