Sushi recipe, Bento recipe-California roll & Teriyaki Chicken Bento

I would like to show you another Bento recipe by using what I have demonstrated earlier. Bento shouldn’t require too many recipes to make. Whatever you usually make at home CAN be suitable! One of my usual dishes is teriyaki chicken. this can be great dish to pack in. Because it’s been marinated and then cooked, every bite is so taste full. Even it’s not hot, it’s still very enjoyable! And for carb. I chose sushi roll. You don’t have to use fancy “Makisu/bamboo rolling mat” With plastic wrap, you can instantly make restaurant-grade California roll! For the fiber part, I made Cucumber & Wakame Sunomono. it has light rice vinegar flavor.
It freshens up your taste buds while having Bento! (´¬`)<-mouth watering

[ Ingredients ]
~ serves one ~
[ Easy steps California roll ]
120g Sushi rice
Half sheet Nori/Seaweed
1/4 tsp White sesame
3 sticks Crab cake
1/4 Cucumber
1 tsp Mayonnaise
[ Teriyaki Chicken ]
1 Chicken thigh
1 tbs Soy sauce
1 tbs Mrin
1 tbs Sake

[ Wakame&cucmber Sunomono ]
1 tbs Wakame
1/2 Cucumber
2~3 sticks Crab cake
1 tbs Vinegar
2 tsp Sugar
1/2 tbs Soy sauce

[ Butter soy sauced mushroom omelet ]
2 Egg
25g Enoki Mushrooms
25g Shimeji Mushrooms
1 tsp Butter
1/4 tsp Soy sauce
1 pinch Salt

*to see Japanese seasonings explanations please click here!




[ Directions ]
1. Add sushi vinegar into steamed rice and mix well. put aside to let it cool off.

You can use a bottled sushi vinegar from the store or
Please click here to see how to make Sushi rice!



2. Soak dried Wakame into water and let it soften.

3. Slice a cucumber by using a peeler.

using a peeler, you can make paper thin sliced cucumber!



4. Lay each sliced cucumber on cutting board and Julianne.

5. Rip or cut a sheet of Nori into half.

6. Lay the half-sized nori on “dry and clean” cutting board.
Place small amount of Sushi rice on the surface separately.

keep the rice layer thin. otherwise you end up with a big fat Sushi Roll!!



7. Spread the rice evenly and sprinkle white sesame on the surface.

8. Place a sheet of plastic wrap on top and press gently to flatten the surface

9. Turn over the rice & nori sheet.

10. Place Julienned cucumber and crab cake. Squeeze some mayonnaise.

11. Using the wrap, roll firmly from one end to the other end.

12. After rolling, you can twist the side of the wrap tightly, just like you are wrapping candy..

13. Wet your knife and directly slice the rolled sushi with wrap on.

cutting with wrap on can prevent from sticking.



14. Slice a cucumber and sprinkle one pinch of salt and leave for 1~2 minutes to dehydrate.

Removing excess water can let cucumber absorb the marinade very well.



15. Squeeze out the excess water from the salted cucumber.

16. Also, squeeze the soaked wakame if it’s too moist

17. Combine cucumber, wakame, crab cake and add all the seasonings shown above to taste.

18. Add butter into fry pan and heat up on medium heat. add two kinds mushrooms and stir-fry and add soy sauce.

19. Pour in beaten egg and lightly stir it and cook until done.

To avoid food poisoning from uncooked egg stored in bento box, make sure your egg is thoroughly done.



20. Marinate chicken thigh for 5~10minutes and cook on medium low heat.

To see more detailed cooking method please click here!!


*this type of food can be enjoyed at either hot or room temperature.
to avoid your lovely bento becomes stale at lunch time, make sure all the food is cooled down before packing in the morning. Keeping tepid inside bento and leaving for hours(until lunch time) can produce lots of bacteria!
if you want to have warm bento, use microwavable bento box and reheat it before eating.

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2 thoughts on “Sushi recipe, Bento recipe-California roll & Teriyaki Chicken Bento

  1. Recently made sushi sandwiches following your tutorial for a picnic bento. Love your step by step posts, they are very instructive, also with all the extra tips.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi dosirakbento!
      thank you very much for your comment! I’m so glad you like it!
      for the sandwich filling, you can switch with anything you like. Using mayonnaise base, add tuna, boiled eggs, canned corn, and so on…
      make your original sushi sandwich! ^^v

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