Pasta recipe, Japanese dish-Salmon & Wasabi Angel Pasta

Bought too much filet sashimi and don’t know how to use them up? I have a great pasta recipe for summer! Using fresh salmon with wasabi flavored soy sauce marinade, you can have very tasteful cold pasta. If you are lucky enough to get fresh wasabi root, you can experience different dimension of wasabi fragrance! Salmon can be substituted for any other kind of sashimi such as snapper, tuna, yellow tail, even using shell fish will also work really well. If you are not used having raw fish, you can use bleached prawns, squid and scallops. Choices are all yours. Enjoy your original pasta!

[ Ingredients ]
~ serves one ~
80g Cappellini
5~6 Snap pea
1 tbs Tobiko or Ikura
100g Salmon(Sashimi grade)
1~1.5 tbs Soy sauce
1tbs Mirin
1~1.5 tbs E.V.Olive Oil
1/4 tsp Salt & Black pepper
1/2 tbs Wasabi(fresh or tubed)
1 sprinkle shredded nori

*to see Japanese seasonings explanations please click here!

[ Directions ]
1. this is a wasabi root. It may not be easy to find them at super market…


You can ask the stores who carry many imported items. Otherwise, you can use tubed wasabi paste instead.. Please follow from step 5



2. if you are lucky to get one of those fresh ones, this is how I usually use wasabi root
Using the back of the knife to scratch the surface. try discarding all the skin.

If your wasabi is very fresh and don’t find much of darken skin part, you can simply brush it under running water to clean.



3. use a fine part of grater to make it very fine paste.

The more wasabi cell walls being crushed the more flavor comes out. Using fine grater works effectively.



4. Combine all the seasonings into a bowl.

5. Add wasabi paste and mix well

6. Slice the sashimi grade salmon.

please make sure your salmon is not just fresh enough also safe to eat as sashimi!(eaten raw)
*how to slice sashimi? Please refer the diagram below.





7. Drizzle the combined sauce on the sliced sashimi and marinate for a few minutes.

You don’t have to add all the marinade sauce, use just enough amount to cover up each slice.



8. While waiting you can cook pasta. This time I’m using capelline.

You can use spaghetti instead.



9. Blanch any green vegetable as you cook your pasta.

10. Soak the cooked pasta under running cold water and drain the excess water very well.

make sure to drain water well. Otherwise your pasta gets too soggy and tasteless…



11. Put pasta into a bowl and add marinated salmon, blanched green vegetable and the rest of the marinade sauce. Toss it and decorate on a plate.

Sprinkle black pepper and shredded Nori. And if you have Ikura even better!!
You can put some more wasabi paste and drizzle some more extra virgin olive oil at your preference!



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