Japanese dish-Super easy Saka-mushi seafood

I love seafood. I eat almost all kinds of seafood. No matter how you cook, as long as you have nice fresh seafood. Eat as Sashimi, sautéed, deep fried,,, They all taste good. To eat in healthy way, steaming is the best method. But when you do steam method, it can easily bring out the flavor rather fishy. So usually we use lots of herbs or sliced lemon to cover up the smell. This time I would like to introduce Japanese way steaming method. It’s called “Saka-mushi” drizzling some sake into seafood before steaming can give you very nice fragrance! Also,, adding just a touch of soy sauce makes your seafood very tasteful. You can enjoy it with a bottle of nice cold sake!! ( ><)// kanpa~i

[ Ingredients ]
~ serves one ~
1 White meat fish
5 Prawns
50g Enoki mushrooms
1 tbs Sake
1/2 tbs Soy sauce
1 pinch Salt
5cm Konbu/Sea kelp, soften in 1~1.5 tbs water

*to see Japanese seasonings explanations please click here!



[ Directions ]

1. To soften Konbu, drizzle 1~1.5 tablespoon water.

Dried shitake mushrooms can be also used to go with konbu. You can enjoy more of “umami” taste!



2. Cutting off the root part while still in the package can prevent from messing the cutting board.

3. Remove the package and cut into half length.

You can also use other kinds of mushrooms such as shimeji, oyster mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, etc,,,



4. Peel prawns and devein with tooth pick.

5. Cut white meat fish into small pieces.

you can use any type of white meat such as, cod, seabass, halibat, etc,,



6. Julianne the soften konbu.

If it’s still not soft enough to cut with a knife, you can shred it with scissors.



7. Put all the prepared ingredients into a bowl.

To have more variety of seafood, you can also add squid, clams.



8. Add all the seasonings ( sake, soy sauce, salt)

Adding sake into seafood before steaming can give you very nice fragrance!



9. Mix it well.

10. place the bowl into a “pre-heated” steamer. steam it for 5minutes or so.

Be careful with steaming time. they cook very fast. over steaming may make your seafood rather chewy..



11. When open up the lid, you can see tasteful seafood and sake soup in the bowl!!

12. there’re two ways of adding green to your dish. You can either steam the green vegetable with other ingredients on step 10. or blanch green vegetable first and place them as you decorate on your dish.

To avoid overcooking and turning into pale green, I usually blanch green vegetable separately.


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