Vegetarian recipe-Easy-step Roasted Bell pepper

Bell peppers are one of my favorite vegetables. I like their crunchy texture. But there is another way of enjoying this vegetable! Baking all the way through inside can extract very aromatic flavor. With my cooking experience, I usually roast it until all around the skin gets black and then peel.. But I found there lots of people having trouble processing without making mess on the cutting board. OK then,,, Let me show you how to peel bell pepper skin effectively with less mess! After removing the skin, you can use them in any way you like! This time I lightly marinate them with fruity wine vinegar. You can have them as a side dish or may be used as salad or even pizza topping!

[ Ingredients ]
~serves two ~
1 red bell pepper
1 yellow bell pepper
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
1 dash each salt & black pepper
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
2 leaves basil

[ Directions ]
1. Bell peppers are sold at almost all the markets in the world at reasonable price. they can be used to add your dish lots of color. Besides their beautiful color, they also have wonderful flavor after being roasted!

2. Before roasting, you want to cut into small peace… Run a knife along with the ditches to cut each section apart..

3. take off all the seeds and membrane.

4. rub oil evenly on the surface to make a thin layer of oil.

*Roasting with oil coating gives almost the same environment as deep-frying. It gets very high temperature on the surface.



5. preheat the oven at 200℃ with both top and bottom heat on. place cut bell pepper on a tin foiled oven pan, bake them for about 20min.

* baking time may need to be adjusted depending on your oven.



6. when you see the skin lightly burned and wrinkles, it’s “almost” ready.

7. Use the tinfoil underneath, wrap the whole thing. leave it for about 15~20min.


Skin is still not lose enough to peel. but you don’t want to over bake your peppers. Covering right after baking and leave, can use residual heat to keep cooking..



8. After 15~20 minutes, open up the wrapping and you can see how easy the skin coming off!
Notice you are not making any mess with blacken skin all over the cutting board!

9. after removing all the skin, rip them into smaller size or whatever the size you want them to be..

10. add some salt and black pepper for basic seasonings.

11. and add some red wine vinegar..

* if you don’t have red wine vinegar in handy, you can replace with any other kind of vinegar. you can add some chopped garlic to volume up the flavor



12. Finishing up with extra virgin olive oil. mix them well, marinate for 10min or so.

* you can decorate it with shredded basil. You can store in the frig. for a few days. Put on sliced French bread(may be toasted)along with Mozzarella will also make a great appetizer!!



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