Dessert recipe-Cherry Compote with Cherry Soda

Cherries are rather seasonal fruit. It’s only available in limited time. When I see them at the market , I get to have urge to by a whole box. If it comes in a huge box, you might have hard time to finish them all before they stale. They are many ways to preserve fruits. This time I used those black cherries to make very nice compote! Well simmered cherries can come out very beautiful color and not to mention its flavor! Once you make a whole batch of it, you can enjoy them in many ways. As you can see the picture here, making refreshment is one of the must try recipe on a hot day!

[ Ingredients ]
~serves four ~
300g cherries
50~60g sugar
1/2 piece lemon
250~300 water
1~2 tablespoon Cointreau or Kirschwasser

[ Cherry Soda ]
2~3pieces cherry compotes
50ml cherry syrup
120ml soda or sprite
1 sliced lemon
1 leaf mint

[ Directions ]
1. A box of Black cherries has just arrived! Every single piece is soo pretty!

2. toss them into running water, rinse well (gently though,,,,)

3. After rinsing, drain out the excess water.

4. Put the cherries into a pot.

* you CAN use a cherry pitter to get rid of all the pits. but, this time I decided to leave them the way there are with two good reasons:
1. It won’t break into small pieces easily while cooking.
2. looks prettier with a little stem.
besides, you need only flesh part, can easily cut open and take a pit out after it’s marinated.



5. add some sugar

* you can adjust the sugar amount depending on sweetness of the cherries you are using.
you can use crystal sugar instead of granulated sugar. it gives lighter syrupy texture.



6. add lemon juice

* Again, you can adjust the amount depending on your cherries.



7. give a little stir, let it sit for 15~30min for dehydration.

8. add measured water into the pot.

* add water just enough to cover up the cherries. if you want to make extra cherry syrup, simply add more water.



9. Start up with mid-high heat, wait until bubbling.

*as soon as add water, you get to see the water getting colored,,



10. use a strainer to scope out the scum coming out on the surface.

11. simmer it for about 8~10min on low heat. and transfer into a bowl.

12. leave it somewhere you can cool them off.

13. when it’s cooled down, you can add some Cointreau or Kirschwasser for complexity of the flavor. Put into the jar and store in a frig. to marinate.

14. With this marinade, you can make very nice refreshment!
toss some ice cubes into a glass, pour some marinade…

15. and then add some soda…

*other than soda, you can add little bit of Vodka or Gin!



16. Stir it, put a slice of lemon, mint, and your lovely cherry compote for the garnish! There you have it! Homemade Cherry soda.

* this cherry compote can be very useful, you can chop them up and mix into yogurt. using as pie filling will be also great!



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