Japanese dish-Skewered konjak with Miso & Sesame sauce

This unique material has already showed up many times on my website… It’s usually cut or torn into small pieces and cook with lots of other ingredients. I guess everyone knows that it has a diet effect. It contains almost no calories and is high in fiber. Because it has almost no taste, you can match with lots of seasonings. In Japan we have some dishes using konjak as a main dish. This time I would like to introduce somewhat traditional snack style. It comes on skewers with miso flavored topping. Please enjoy the low cal cuisine!

[ Ingredients ]
~serves two ~
1 konjak
1 tablespoon miso
1 tablespoon mirin
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon white sesame
1 tablespoon water

*to see Japanese seasonings explanations please click here!



[ Directions ]
1. I usually use konjak in grayish color, white one can be also used. See which ever the color you like!

2. To let the konjak absorb the flavor easily, use a knife to score the surface in grid pattern.

3. cut into square shape.

* size can be varied at your preference. cut bigger or smaller any size you like!



4. to get rid of limy and rooty smell.. blanch the konjak for 2~3min.

5. dump into a strainer, let it drain the excess water. rise them under running water.

6. I am using Hacho Miso this time. it’s from the place called “Nagoya” it’s very similar to red miso. It’s saltier than white Miso or another way to call it Saikyo Miso (from Kyoto)

* You CAN use almost any kind of Miso. see what you already have or buy whatever that’s available at the store nearby



7. put white sesame into a grinder to make it powder.

* for better flavor, you can use unroasted sesame. first roast it yourself, and then grind it. it gives way much more aromatic sesame flavor!!
If you don’t have grinder, use knife to chop it into coarse powder!



8. Put miso,white sesame, sugar into a bowl.

* you can adjust the sugar amount depending on what kind of Miso you are using.
If you are using white sweet miso, you may want to reduce the sugar amount.



9. Add water and Mirin whisk well, make sure all the seasonings are mixed well.

10. Skewer the konjak on toothpicks and wipe off the excess water with paper towel.
spread some prepared miso sauce on the surface and sprinkle seaweed powder, white sesame, nanami powder individually.

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