Japanese food, bento recipe-Kara-Age-Chicken

what’s KARA-AGE? It generally means deep-fry in Japanese. It has many kinds of it. But mostly used this word when you are using chicken. In North America there are so much variety of deep fried chicken such as mostly known KFC. I love those crispy outside and juicy inside type of chicken. This time, I would like to introduce Japanese way! Also showing you a little technique to make chicken very succulent while deep frying.

[ Ingredients ]
~ serves four ~
500g chicken thigh
2 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon mirin
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon garlic pate
1/4 teaspoon ginger pate
1 tablespoon sake
1 egg
1 cup corn starch

*to see Japanese seasonings explanation please click here!



[ Directions ]
1. cut chicken thigh into small piece ( about 4~5cm )

*cutting too small will dry easily lose its moisture, too large will take much time to cook through. you might end up over cooked outside and under cooked inside.. try cutting them all in the same appropriate size.



2. put all the marinate ingredients into a bowl except for the sake.

*please check this link to see how to make ginger paste!



3. add cut chicken into the bowl and mix well. leave it for 10~15 minutes.

4. while waiting, you can prepare other materials such as beaten egg, corn starch and pot of oil.

5. after marinating process, you might notice the chicken soaked up all the seasonings and somewhat looking cured. add 1 tablespoon of sake to give more moisture. In the mean time, you can also start heating oil to 175~180°C.

6. dip each piece of chicken into the egg. shake off the excess egg from the chicken before transfer to corn starch.

7. dredge each piece of chicken evenly.

*dredged chicken can easily seep out the moisture, to have nice flaky texture, make sure to deep fry them right after dredging process!



8. separately, put each chicken into heated oil to avoid sticking together. deep fry them for about 1.5~2minutes and remove from the oil.

9. place them on the rack to keep cooking by using residual heat for 5 minutes or so…

*using this method, you can avoid over cooking and losing all the moisture.



10. put all the chicken back into the heated oil and re-deep fry them for about 30 seconds to make them crispy. you can sprinkle some salt for extra flavor if you like!

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