Sweets recipes-Squash Pudding

squash is one of my favorite vegetables. It’s not just suitable to make savory dishes. Since it has nice smooth texture and sweetness, you can also create many types of dessert. This time I made squash pudding. Adding lots of squash purée into the egg mixture can give very rich flavor and also help you take in lots of fiber!

[ Ingredients ]
~makes 6 ~
350g squash, peeled and sliced
3 egg
60g sugar, may be adjusted depending on squash sweetness
250cc milk
50cc heavy cream

[Caramel sauce]
100g sugar
2 tablespoon water
80cc hot water

80cc heavy cream
8g sugar

[ Directions ]
1. microwave the sliced squash until soft.

2. puree the cooked squash by food processor or bar mixer

3. crack eggs into a bowl. add sugar and mix gently.

*to make smooth texture pudding, you don’t want to have too much bubble inside egg mixture.



4. add pureed squash into the bowl.

5. pour in warm milk.

6. and heavy cream. mix well.

7. strain the mixture.

8. pour the mixture into small cups such as ramekins. lay a piece of cloth at bottom of a pot. place uncooked pudding and pour in hot water.

9. cover the pot and cook over high heat until the steam fills inside the pot and turn to low heat keep steaming for 6 minutes. shut off the stove keep the lid on. let it sit for another 8 minutes or so.

*using this method, you can prevent the egg mixture from reaching too high temperature and producing lots air pockets inside.



10. skewer the center of the pudding to see if its’ done. if NOT, continue seaming another 2~3 minutes.

11. remove from the pot and put on a rack to cool down and then put into the fridge to chill.

12. to make caramel sauce, put sugar and water into a pot and cook on medium heat.

13. keep cooking until sugar is turning into dark brown as the picture shown.

14. shut off the stove and carefully pour in hot water to stop caramelizing.

15. when serving, put a spoon of whipped cream and drizzle some caramel sauce!

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