Japanese food-Ton-jiru/Pork & Vegetable Miso soup

It’s been very chilly these days. A bowl of warm soup can be a good choice in winter. I would like to share one very nice heartwarming mom’s taste miso soup recipe. But not adding just tofu and seaweed making tasteless soup. this time I am using lots of ingredients including pork ,burdock root, carrot and daikon. Protein and fiber all you need is inside the soup, you don’t have to prepare any other dishes. Just have a bowl of steamed rice ready. Your well-balanced meal is all set!!

[ Ingredients ]
~serves four ~
120g sliced pork
80g burdock root
50g carrot
100g daikon
1 potato
1 onion
90~100g miso
1/2 stalk green onion, chopped
1/4 teaspoon Nanami (Japanese chili )powder


*to see Japanese seasonings explanation please click here!



[ Directions ]
1. This time, I’m using sliced pork loin. cut into desired size.

*You can use any type of meat. beef,chicken or lamb they all taste great!



2. Blanch the sliced pork to remove all musty flavor.

*After blanching, run some cold water to wash off the harden protein on the surface.



3. Scrub off the burdock skin by scrub pad or crumpled tin foil.

*the skin contains lots of nutritious and flavor. try not to peel too much.



4. To process konjak into small pieces, you can use small spoon by scooping instead of cutting with sharp knife. This creates bumpy surface on each piece and help hold the flavor.

* What’s konjak? : it’s made from the root of this plant is known in English by its Japanese name”konnyaku”



5. konjyak also has some musty smell. after blanching it, wash well to remove all the unwanted smell.

6. Cut carrot and burdock root into small piece by what we Japanese call “ran-giri” meaning,, rolling vegetable each diagonal cut to create wider cut surface. this also helps flavor get into the ingredients easily.

7. Cut potato into small pieces.

*While cooking process, potato dissolves very easily. It doesn’t need to go through ran-giri process.



8. Slice onion about 1cm wide

9. Put all the ingredients, add water and start cooing. After bringing it to a boil, adjust to low heat and keep simmering for about 30minutes or so .

10. Make sure to scoop out all the scum comes up on the surface while simmering.

11. After making sure all the ingredients are soften, add miso to taste.

*the amount of miso should be adjusted depending on water amount.



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