Japanese food- meat balls & noodles miso hot pot

it’s very chilly out there,, why don’t we have one nice Japanese hot pot! you can make a big portion and serve it for Winter Holiday family gathering!!

[ Ingredients ]
~serves four ~
300g chicken thigh, finely chopped
1tablespoon *Japanese yam, grated
*potato can be substituted
1/2teaspoon ginger paste
2~3stalks green onion, chopped
2 teaspoon miso
1 egg
1 tablespoon corns starch
2 portions rice noodle or udon
2~3stalks nira chives
4 shitake mushrooms
3 tablespoon miso
5 cm kelp
1Litter water
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon salt


*to see Japanese seasonings explanation please click here!




[ Directions ]
1. You either directly buy ground chicken or buy a whole piece of chicken thigh and take off the skin and chop it until fine.

2. chop green onion.

3. grate ginger and Japanese taro.

*if you don’t have Japanese taro, you can use potato instead. adding some starchy vegetable puree into ground meat gives very fluffy texture!



4. Put chopped chicken, ginger, taro, egg, into a bowl and add about 2 teaspoons miso.

5. It will get extremely slimy. Use spatula mix until all the ingredients are well cooperated.

6. Add water into a hot pot place kelp and start cooking on low heat. When it starts simmering add soy sauce and salt to taste.

7. Scoop about full tablespoon of prepared meat (step5.) and gently slide into the pot. Continue until all the meat transferred in the soup.

*Do not stir the soup until all the meat balls are set.



8. Add other ingredients such as nira chives, shitake mushrooms, noodles, etc,,

*Instead of nira chives, you can add spinach, cabbage or any kind of green vegetables!



9. Place miso into strainer and soak into the soup. whisk until it’s all dissolved.

*using strainer let you see if all the miso dissolved into the soup.
*you might find some crumbled miso beans left in the strainer. turn over the strainer put it into the soup.
*to make spicy hot pot, you can also add Chinese chili bean paste!!



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