bento recipe, Japanese food recipe-Tricolor “soboro” & “iri-tamago” bento

Want to make an attractive bento? But don’t have much time to prepare? This bento doesn’t require many ingredients and time. “soboro” is ground meat cook until crumble. this time rather than just adding soy sauce, I specially added miso to make even tastier. “iri-tamago” is like scrambled egg but, It’s more finely crumbled. Having those items plus whatever the green vegetable you like. You can make very colorful bento!!

[ Ingredients ]
~serves two
100g ground chicken
30ml sake
20g sugar
30g miso
2 teaspoon white sesame
3 eggs
50g edamame, blanched


*to see Japanese seasonings explanation please click here!



[ Directions ]
1. Add ground chicken, sake and sugar into a pot and mix well.

2. Start cooking over medium heat until chicken changes color.

3. Add miso and white sesame adjust the stove to low heat and keep cooking until the water gets less.

* You can shut off the stove earlier to keep some juice or cook until it becomes more like paste. It’s all up to you!



4. Preparing “iri-tamago” Add about two pinches of salt into the egg and whisk until the egg white and yolk get evenly blended.

5. Heat up a frying pan on low heat. Add about 1/2 teaspoon oil or butter. Pour in the egg.

6. hold 2pairs of chop sticks and keep stirring until all the egg turn into crumbles.

*Using many sticks can make very fine egg crumbles. If you are not too used to holding that many sticks, you can substitute a fork or even a whisk! Just make sure you are using skillet or scratch proof frying pan



7. Put steamed rice into bento box cover the rice with prepared ground chicken(step.3) and iri-tamago(step 6.) along with blanched green beans such as edamame.


*Beware! if you are preparing in the morning saving it for lunch time, make sure all the food is cooled down before you pack up! Keeping it at tepid temperature for many hours can easily go stale!

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