Japanese Food Recipe-Rice Burger with marinated Pork

Burgers aren’t always coming with buns in Japan…As we Japanese ( or I should say Asian) love eating steamed rice. Some burger shops in Japan carry “rice buns” burger. It may sound a little strange but, if you go with some Japanese cuisine such as Yaki-niku fillings, it tastes heavenly good! The only tricky part, keeps people away from making at home , is the rice buns. Don’t worry! I will show you how to make them so easily without any special rice pressing machine.

[ Ingredients ]
~serves two ~
120g sliced pork
2 leaves ice berg lettuce
1 empty milk carton
300g steamed rice
1 teaspoon butter

[Marinating sauce]
2 teaspoon soy sauce
2 teaspoon mirin
2 teaspoon sake
1/2 teaspoon garlic paste
1/2 teaspoon ginger paste

[ Directions ]
1. Wash an empty milk carton and open up. Cut off the bottom part and cut about 1cm wide strip.

2. Form the piece into ring shape.

3. Put about 75g of steamed rice into a plastic bag and knead lightly so they all stick together like rice cake.

*If you don’t knead the rice, it will break easily when pan frying.



4. Apply some oil to the inside the paper ring.

5. Lay a sheet of wrap and place the ring. Place the kneaded rice in the paper ring.

6. Cover another sheet of wrap on the top and press hard to let the rice spread all the way inside the ring.

7. Take off the wrap on the top and remove the ring. Now you’ve got a rice bun!
repeat the process to use up all the rice you prepared(300g) You should be able to make 4 rice buns in total.

8. You can make extra rice buns and freeze them! Just make sure to wrap each piece tightly and put into a resealable bag and freeze.

*When you need them, you can directly put on a fry pan and cook on low heat.



9. Combine all the seasonings for marinate and put sliced pork. Leave it for 5 minutes or so.

10. Heat a fry pan on medium heat and oil. Add marinated meat and cook until all the meat changes color.

*You can either leave the meat in the pan to keep warm. or transfer to a plate and cover it.



11. Heat a fry pan on low heat and add about half teaspoon butter. After melting butter, place rice buns and cook until it gets light brown. Apply a bit of soy sauce on the rice buns surface to taste.

12. Fold a sheet of tinfoil into a bag.

13. Place rice bun in the tinfoil bag. Lay ripped ice berg lettuce and place the pork. Put another rice bun to cover.

*For the extra flavoring, you can spread little mayonnaise inside! ; ) yum!



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