Seafood-Sautéed Snapper with Honey Mustard Teriyaki Sauce

Lots of people recognize Teriyaki sauce. now a days there are many types of Teriyaki sauce. it’s depending on the chef who has which country’s back ground to make this sauce… Some chefs add ginger and chili pepper in it while others add curry powder in it! No offence, they all taste pretty good. I like them all. This time I would like to refer North American favorite dipping sauce “Honey mustard” Using honey instead of mirin can create different depth of sweetness. and adding touch of Dijon mustard makes whole flavor bit sourly and it neutralize the butter oil just right. I’m pretty sure you will lick clean the sauce on the plate!!

[ Ingredients ]
~serves one ~
1 filleted snapper
couple of pinches each salt & black pepper
1/2 tablespoon bread flour
1 head broccoli, blanched
50ml white wine
2~3 tablespoon water
2 teaspoon butter
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon honey
1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1 stem Italian parsley
2 teaspoon tomato, diced

[ Directions ]
1. This time I decided to use snapper.

*you can use any white meat fish. black cod, trout, sea bass, even salmon will do!



2. cut into desired size.

3. preparing diced tomato. Slice off the side part of tomato as shown in the picture.

*you don’t necessary have to peel the skin. leaving skin can give a little crunchy texture in the sauce.



4. and then dice all the sliced tomato.

5. chop Italian parsley.
*you can use other kind of herbs. cilantro can also get along with this type of sauce very well.

6. Evenly sprinkle salt and black pepper on both sides of the fish.

7. Flour the fish evenly and shake off the excess flour on the surface.

*make sure your fish doesn’t carry too much flour. too thick layer of flour will come off very easily while sautéing.
*don’t flour the fish too early, it will get soggy and it doesn’t give nice golden brown when cooking.



8. Heat up a fry pan over medium heat. wait until it’s hot enough to saute.

*Q. How do you know if it’s hot enough?
A. Add about 1/4 teaspoon water into a pan(please make sure there’s no OIL in the pan!!) if you see the water forms into round shape right away and keeps swirling around, she’s HOT!!



9. Add a little amount of oil

10. turn the heat down to low medium and gently place floured fish, sauté both sides until golden brown.

11. Pour in white wine and water.

*you can use sake instead if you like! ; )



12. Turn down to low heat and add butter. keep shaking the pan to let the liquid emulsify.

*if the water evaporates too fast, you can add a little more water.



13. Add soy sauce and honey

*Teriyaki sauce usually goes with Japanese sweetener called “mirin”. But using honey instead, you can experience new flavor of Teriyaki.



14. Shut off the stove and add Dijon mustard.

*Mustard can lose its sharpness and flavor when it’s being heated too long.



15. Smother the fish with the sauce and place on a plate.

16. add diced tomato and chopped parsley. check the taste. add some salt and black pepper if needed.

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