Dessert Recipes-Raspberry Tofu Cheese Cake

Raspberry Tofu Cheese Cake

Want to have a slice of cheese cake but don’t want to have too much high calorie material? here’s one good recipe you may want to try.. reducing cream cheese and fill in with lots of tofu instead. tofu’s texture and soy bean flavor are surprisingly suitable with cream cheese! I also added raspberry sauce to give a little fruity flavor.

[ Ingredients ]
~makes 7″ cake ~
350g firm tofu
250g yogurt (unsweetened)
150g cream cheese, softened at room temperature
80g sugar
1/2 teaspoon Cointreau
2 teaspoon lemon juice
7g gelatin sheet
5~6 graham crackers
40g butter
80g raspberry frozen
20g sugar

[ Directions ]
1. Firm tofu is commonly sold at most of the super market.

*there is another type of tofu called “silk tofu” which has more tender texture but contains too much water. it may not be too appropriate to make this dessert.



2. Firm tofu also contains so much water. To get rid of this water, you can place tofu
on a tray and place heavy object on the top and leave it for 30 minutes or so to drain the excess water.

3. Soak the gelatin sheet in cold water to soften.

*make sure to use cold water. if the water is warm, gelatin sheet will absorb too much water or for worse, it melts in the water!!
*you can use gelatin powder instead. the amount can be the same as sheet. please follow the direction written on the package to soak the powder.



4. To prepare the crust, put crackers into a plastic bag and crush them evenly until fine.

5. microwave the butter (for 10~15 sec. ) to liquefy.

6. Combine the liquefied butter and the crushed cracker.

7. And place into a mold.

* it doesn’t have to be in square shape, you can use any shape you like.



8. Find anything that has flat bottom and press the surface firmly to flatten the crust.
And then place in the fridge for about 10 minutes to harden.

9. Add raspberries and sugar into a pot, simmer it until it lightly dissolve.

*It may look too dry when just started heating. but berries themselves will come out their own juice.



10. to get smooth texture, you can strain the berries.

*Not just raspberries, you can use any fruit you like. frozen mixed berries, mango are all suitable.



11. The pressurized tofu has already come out lots of water..

*The weight may be a little lighter than before the dehydration. but it’s OK you can proceed



12. wipe off the excess water on the tofu by cheese cloth or paper towel.

13. Make sure the cream cheese is already soften, and then add sugar mix well

* If you cream cheese is still too hard, you can double boil or simply microwave it for a few seconds.



14. Throw in the dehydrated tofu and yogurt in the blender, run it until smooth.

15. Put the tofu & yogurt mixture into the cream cheese and mix well.

16. Add about 2 (or more) tablespoons of prepared raspberry sauce from step 10.

17. Stir it well.

18. take out the soaked gelatin and lightly wing out the excess water. Put into a bowl and place on warm water to dissolve.

19. Add 2~3 tablespoons of mixture from step17. into dissolved gelatin and mix well.

*Do NOT directly add the dissolved gelatin into the whole mixture(step 17). it hardens instantly and gets lumpy…



20. Now you can put the thinned out gelatin mixture into the step 17. and mix well.

21. Pour into the prepared mold. If the surface is not smooth, gently shake the mold till the surface flatten.

22. You can decorate the surface anyway you like! dropping some raspberry sauce and score with tooth pick to make hearts is one way to do. After decoration, put into the fridge. Let it set for over night.

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3 thoughts on “Dessert Recipes-Raspberry Tofu Cheese Cake

    • hi yojgui!
      thanks for your comments!
      Of course you can! but agar needs high temperature to dissolve.
      you can add Agar agar into the mixture step 17.
      and keep string while simmering for 1~2 minutes to dissolve.
      As you know, Agar can set at room temperature very quickly.
      After simmering,please make sure you have a mold ready
      and transfer as quick as possible!
      First, let it sit at room temperature until cool down
      and then put into fridge to
      make it nice and cold dessert to serve!! ; )

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