Japanese food-Taro chips with wasbi & nori dipping sauce

Tired of regular potato chips? try this homemade taro chips with wasabi & seaweed flavored dipping sauce! Taro can be easily found in Taiwan. As far as I know the are used for stew or some milk shake type of beverage. I personally like its sweet smell when cooked. Because of it contains lots of starch, it’s very suitable for deep frying. thinly sliced taro gives very light crispy texture while enjoying mouth full taro’s flavor. I also added original dipping sauce. wasabi’s sharpness adds another layer of flavor to the chips!

[ Ingredients ]
~serves four ~
100g taro
100g mayonnaise
5~8g wasabi
2 teaspoon nori powder
2 teaspoon condensed milk
1.5 tablespoon milk

[ Directions ]
1. Peel the skin.

* Watch your fingers! Taro skin is rather thick and hard.
You can replace with other kinds of potatoes. Burdock root will be also a great substitute!



2. To have nice crispy texture, you have to make sure every single piece sliced evenly, not too thick not too thin. Using peeler gives a great result!

3. Keep the oil temperature approximately 160 degree (Celsius)

* I highly recommend using a thermometer to monitor the oil temperature during the cooking process. Some of the thermometers are not precisely designed to clip on the pot edge. You can use a twist-tie to bundle it. (please make sure the twist-tie and thermometer itself don’t catch the flame coming below)



4. gently add the taro one slice at the time.

* because taro contains a lot of starch, they tend to stick together. make sure you add into the hot oil separately.
to maintain the oil temperature, do NOT deep fry too much at once.
you can adjust the amount depending on the size of the pot you are using.



5. once placed in the oil, it starts bubbling to evaporate the moisture content. keep frying until bubbling stops and start turning into golden brown.

6. After deep-frying, place them on the paper towel to absorb excess oil.
sprinkle a pinch of salt..

7. add wasabi paste and seaweed powder into mayonnaise.

* any kind of mayonnaise will be fine, sweet, sour, light, whichever you like! if you wish to have different flavor, you can add curry powder, for spiciness chili powder will do. adding Cajun spice will also make wonderful dipping sauce!!
*If it’s for kids, you may want to go easy on wasabi. otherwise, don’t add at all,,



8. adding a little bit of condensed milk will round off the sharpness of the wasabi and gives sweet creamy flavor.

*for another sweetness, honey will be also a good choice!



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