Salad recipe, Vegetarian recipe-Burdock root Salad with Soy sauce mayonnaise

I personally like burdock root very much. Usually I put into miso soup, stir-fry vegetable or may be a part of nimono ingredients. It’s all served as rather hot meal. Because of its fibery texture, people tend to cook for a long time to make it tender. But I found out this type of vegetable have another way to enjoy! Lightly blenched burdock root gives you nice crunchy texture. If you are not used to this, your jaw may get tired after a few bites,,, but let’s put it this way, while you are eating, you can also exercise your facial muscle! Besides it contains lots of fiber. This also helps your digesting system. I mean,, giving you bowel movement. It’s easy to make as usual. Give it try and see how you like it!

[ Ingredients ]
~serves two ~
500g gobo/burdock root
100g carrot
3 tablespoon mayonnaise
2 teaspoon mirin
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon ground white sesame
1~2 dash salt

[ Directions ]
1. Scrub off the skin by scrub pad or crumpled tin foil.

*the skin contains lots of nutritious and flavor. try not to peel too much.



2. Slice it about 5 mm thick. Lay flat and shred them.

3. Soak in to water to prevent from discoloration.

*Q. Need to add salt or vinegar?
A. Not particularly, besides, adding vinegar could damage the nutritious.



4. Shred carrot in the same way above but don’t need soak in water.

5. Cook the shredded burdock root until your desired tenderness.

*You can control the tenderness at this point. if you still like it tender texture, simply cook longer! ; )



6. Scoop all the burdock root out from the pot by a strainer and cool down. Keep the water for later use.

* Don’t need to put into cold water to cool down. Otherwise, it absorbs too much water and it gets soggy after adding seasonings.



7. Put the shredded carrot into the same pot and cook until your desired tenderness.

*For additional color, you can add shredded and blanched quash(yellow) snow peas(green)



8. Put all the prepared vegetables into a bowl and add all the seasonings.

*Make sure the vegetables are all cooled down. otherwise the oil from mayonnaise will come out and it gets oily.



9. Stir it well and check the flavor. Adjust by adding more salt or mayonnaise if it’s needed.
Sprinkle white sesame and nanami powder as you serve.

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