Japanese food-Stewed Squid & Daikon in soy sauce broth

There are so many kinds of Daikon dish in Japan. Great part of using daikon for stew is that it can absorb lots of soup. Now a days, Daikon is used worldwide. There is even French cuisine serving foie gras with well cooked Daikon.
This time I would like to introduce one of traditional Japanese food called Nimono. Nimono is simmered in stock flavored with sake, soy sauce, and a small amount of sweetening. What you put in Nimono is very much up to you. one of the greatest combination is this squid & Daikon. Letting Daikon absorb soy sauce base cooked squid soup. You can enjoy not just soy sauce base soup cooked squid but also tender succulent full flavored Daikon!!

[ Ingredients ]
~serves four ~
400~500g daikon
1 squid
250ml water
1/4 teaspoon fish broth powder
3 tablespoon sake
2 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon mirin

[ Directions ]
1. Cut Daikon 3cm thick. peel the thick layer of skin.

*Q. why peel this thick?
A. Because Daikon’s surface is covered with thick layer of fiber. this cannot soften even simmer for long time. it could ruin the whole tender texture.



2. Round off the corner of the piece by petty knife.

*this method called “mentori” some of the vegetables are easy to dissolve when it’s simmered. Rounding off the corner can prevent from bumping each other and start cracking from the corner.



3. If you are not used to do this, you can use a peeler to shave off the corner!

4. If your Daikon is too big, you can slit in the middle of the piece for better absorption.

5. Put the Daikon and cold water into a pot. Cook until it’s tender.

*The most vegetable that are grown in soil such as carrots, potatoes, recommended to start cooking from cold water.



6. Next, play with squid! put your finger into the body and gently pull out the guts.

7. and then, pull out the “plastic-like” squid bone.

8. Separate the tentacles from the gut and cut between the tentacles to take them all apart.

9. Cut body part into 1.5~2cm strips

10. Prepare another pot. Add all the seasonings along with the water into a pot and bring to a boil.

11. After boiling add squid simmer it for 2~3min.

12. Using a chop stick check on the Daikon once in a while. if the chop stick goes in smoothly, it’s done! you can shut off the stove and dump the water and rinse off the Daikon’s bitterness.

13. Get back to the other pot, take out all the squid after 2~3min.

* this step is to extract the squid flavor in short time(cook too long squid gets harden!).



14. Now place the cooked Daikon into the pot from the step13.

*Q. Why don’t directly put fresh Daikon and cook?
A. Because Daikon has it’s bitterness when it’s fresh. if you cook into soup, the whole stew will have bitter flavor.



15. Simmer it for 15~20min to let the Daikon absorb the soup.

16. Lastly, put back the squid into the pot and cook it for another a couple minutes or so. Serve with blanched green vegetable for color.

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