Japanese food-Egg rolled Yaki-soba

Yaki-soba(also known as Japanese stir-fried Noodles) is of the most popular Japanese food in the whole world. I remember in North America, at many food court have this hot grill pan cuisine and serving very tasteful noodles.. Of course you can make this at home! besides you can even prepare egg and make more like.. “omelet” style! Let’s not just stick with boring stir-fried noodles but give a little twist to it!! ; )

[ Ingredients ]
~serves one ~
80g Sliced pork or beef
1/4 Piece of Onion(sliced)
20g Carrot(shredded)
2 leaves Cabbage (cut into small pieces)
1 portion Shang-hai Noodles
4 tbsp Sake
2 tsp Soy sauce
1/4 tsp Fish broth powder
2~3 tbsp Tonkatsu sauce
1tsp corn starch(add 1tsp water and mix well)

1tsp Tonkatsu sauce
1/2 tsp Mayonnaise
1~2 pinches Ao-nori

[ Directions ]

1. here’re the ingredients that are already processed..

2. heat up a fry-pan over medium-high heat and add some vegetable oil. make sure the pan is hot then add sliced pork or beef. Stir it until lightly changes the color.

3. add all the vegetable into the pan. keep stir-frying until the carrot get slightly soften.

*do not cook for a long time. make sure to keep the vegetable’s crunchy texture.



4. take out the noodles from the package. toss them into the pan. stir fry it.

*Before putting into the pan, loosen them up make sure they are not stuck together.



5. pour some sake into the noodles.

*sake gives not just some moisture, but some fragrance!
*don’t have sake? well,, you can simply add water instead. oh,, beer also works pretty good!



6. over the pan steam it over low heat for 2~3min.

7. add soy sauce, tonkatsu sauce, and fish broth powder stir it well.
transfer the noodles and vegetables to a plate. and wash the frying pan well

8. add corn starch and water into the beaten egg and mix well.

*Q. why add corn starch? A. adding starch gives egg some firmness. when you roll in noodles, it doesn’t break easily!



9. heat up the oiled frying pan over low heat. pour egg(step8.)

10. tilt the pan to let the egg spread evenly on the surface. once it’s done put on the stove and cook until egg sets.

11. Put the noodles on the egg sheet. let the side of egg sheet cover the noodles.

*you don’t have to cover it or roll it thoroughly.



12. here comes a bit of challenging step! place a small plate over the noodles

13. while holding noodles with the plate, turn the whole pan over.

14. ta da~! you got a,,, not perfectly covered but at least noodles are all hiding under the egg sheet..

15. not to worry! put a sheet of paper towel over the egg and form into whatever the shape you desire!! ; )
Lastly, spread some tonkatsu sauce on the surface and squeeze some mayonnaise and sprinkle some Ao-nori/seaweed powder.

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