Noodles recipe-Chicken Yaki-Udon/Stir fried Udon

This time I am using udon to make stir fry dish. Udon usually comes in soup. But using this type of frozen udon can also do a great job with stir frying method. Cook the whole frozen udon with the specially blended sauce. Udon absorbs all sauce. Every single noodle becomes soooo tasteful!

[ Ingredients ]
~serves one ~
One portion Sanuki frozen udon
1/2 chicken thigh
1/4 onion
1~2 shiitake mushrooms
1~2 stalk green onion

[ Udon sauce ]
40ml soba tsuyu
1/2 tablespoon mirin
80ml water

[ Directions ]
1. cut chicken into small piece. Slice onion, shiitake mushroom, green onion.
(•̀ㅂ•́)وTake off the skin if you want to. I personally like leaving it on for extra flavor.

2. I strongly recommend using frozen udon called ‘Sanuki Udon’
It has very nice thick springy texture.

3. Stir fry the chicken until golden brown over medium high heat.

4. Put all the vegetable except for the green onion
(•̀ㅂ•́)و green onion can change its color very easily. You can add in at the very last step.

5. Add frozen udon into the pan.
(•̀ㅂ•́)و you don’t particularly need to defrost the udon beforehand.

6. add all the seasonings as shown (Udon Sauce) Put a lid on the pan and braise it until the noodle get soft on medium heat.

7. If the noodles are already coming lose and becoming soft, you can add green onion and keep stirring until the noodles absorb the sauce. Finally check the flavor, if it’s not salty enough add more soba tsuyu not sweet enough add more mirin. You can add some black pepper before serve.

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