Bento recipes, Pokémon GO-Kawaii Pokemon Rice Balls Bento

People are going insane about the game called “Pokémon GO” Starting in the U.S. When the game landed in Japan, it drew lots of attention. Now it’s available here in Taiwan. It rapidly spread and the population of users are still growing like there’s no limits…Since this game is so popular again, many items related to Pokemon are back on the shelves and making some business. Not to mention, food is also very much involved. This time, I would like to show you how to make Pokemon Ball and Pikachu! It doesn’t require any only-available-in-Japan-materials or any special mold. All ingredients should be available in the whole world. It IS very easy to get started. However, it may require a little practice. Especially when it comes to clipping nori, you may need a little patience to do so…I’ve prepared both picture and video instructions. To fully understand, I suggest you both watch and read. No more going outside wondering, looking for monsters. Let’s make your own Pokemon and pack into your Bento~!!  『Gotta CatchEm All~!』 Continue reading

Japanese dish-Izakaya Style Ebi & Shimeji Yaki udon

Lots of people around the world recognize a word “Izakaya” It can be simply translated into English meaning a bistro. A place where people enjoy food and drinks. When making Izakaya dishes, we usually make them rather full body flavoring or I should simply say salty… so we all can enjoy food along with lots of beverages. Kara age, Yakitori, Yaki sakana/Charbroiled fish can be all served as Izakaya dishes. This time, I’m making Yaki Udon with lots of Ebi/prawns and shimeji mushrooms. Since I want to enjoy great texture of noodles, I decided to use one of my favorites Udon called “Sanuki” It’s made from fresh udon dough directly boiled without being hung and dried. And for the commercial packaging, they are usually put into rapid freezing process. When you use them, you can simply put into sauce and defrost. This way noodles can absorb lots of flavor while thawing! If you only have had udon with soup, you should definitely try this stir fried Udon!! I’m very sure you will love this! ; )
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Japanese dish-Saka Mushi Pork Shabu & Vegetable with Goma Miso Sauce

Here’s another Shabu Shabu dish! This time I used Saka Mushi method to steam ingredients. Using sake can add nice malt aroma to the food. If you are on a diet, this is very suitable dish! I also made tasteful Goma Miso sauce to go with Shabu Shabu sliced meat. This Goma Miso sauce is very versatile. It can be used for many kinds of dishes. Once you make a big batch of it. You can store in the fridge. Adding to pasta, fried rice or even instant noodles!
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Seafood recipes-Oba&Wasabi Tzatziki Sauce BBQ Salmon

Tzatziki Sauce is originally from Greek or could be recognized as Persian cuisine. The first time I had this sauce was when I was working at a donair shop in downtown in Vancouver. I instantly liked this rich yet sourly flavor. It can go really well with many kinds of meat. This time I arranged it in Japanese way! Using oba leaf can add nice oriental fragrance and Wasabi gives sharpness to the sauce. Please enjoy Wa-Fu Persian Food~!!
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Rice recipes, Seafood recipes-Zousui Style Super Easy Clam Risotto

Zousui is usually served when a hot pot has nothing left but the soup. After enjoying lots of ingredients cooked in a hot pot, there are so much concentrated flavor left in the soup. To fully enjoy the very last drop of soup, we usually add some steamed rice and cook. It’s a bit similar to Chinese Congee. But we don’t cook that long. Add some steamed rice and beaten egg into the soup, bring it to a boil and then serve. The rice has absorbed so much flavor. Even your stomach is already full with hot pot, you can still easily finish one bowl! This time I’m not making a hot pot, but applying this idea to one of the famous rice dishes called “Risotto”. Cooking raw rice with fry pan is a little time consuming. You have to constantly add soup and stir until the rice turns into al dente. But if you switch this with steamed rice, you can save up lots of time. Since the heating process has been minimized, the rice texture is as good as the one served in Italian restaurants!!
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