Pasta recipes-Spaghetti with Umeboshi & Clam

Here’s one very refreshing pasta. Saka mushi style clams are good to serve as both itself or go with carbs. This time I decided to go with pasta. To add another twist, I used umeboshi. With this pickled tanginess, you pasta can become even more tasteful!
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Chicken recipe, Japanese dishes-Super Silky Smooth Oyako Don

Here’s one of my cooking videos shared on my Youtube channel.
I’m Japanese, but since I’ve been sharing my recipes in Chinese,
I speak Mandarin while demonstrating.
I get quite a few requests if my videos can provide English sub.
So here’s one you can take a look!
Translation may not be perfect… but at least you get the idea somehow..;)
Please enjoy! and let me know if you like it!

Salmon recipes-Salmon Hamburger Steak with Wafu Kinoko Sauce

Using salmon you can make a delicious hamburger steak! Because it’s combined with tofu paste, it’s incredibly tender. Besides it has much less calories! With easy steps wafu kinoko/mushrooms sauce, you can enjoy very tasty hamburg steak!
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