Japanese Dishes, Gobo recipes, Bento Dishes-Kimpira Stir Fried Gobo&Beef

 Gobo/burdock root should be also labeled as super food. Not only it contents lots of fibers, it also has lots of nutritious. Helps you prevent from high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes. It also has anti aging effect! It’s just a root, doesn’t look pretty. It’s very tough to cut apart but once you get along with this vegetable, you will be able to create so many healthy dishes! This time I stir fry with sliced beef. Gobo and beef combination always gives very good result. This dish can be served either hot or at room temperature. It’s also very suitable to pack into your bento box with steamed rice!
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Japanese Dishes, Rice recipes-Chicken Takikomi Gohan

Here’s another rice recipe I would like to share. Takikomi gohan is one of the common rice dishes being served in all year. This time I used a regular pot instead of a rice cooker. Even you don’t have one of those Japanese high tech kitchen gadgets, you still can make nice tasteful takikomi gohan. Besides, it also gives you scorch also known as okoge which is not easy to make with an electric rice cooker. What you put in can be very flexible. You can add almost everything. See what’s seasonal or available at the market. Just to follow the basic rules and you will be able to make delicious Takikomi gohan on your own!! Continue reading

Halloween Recipes, Pumpkin recipes-Kabocha Cream Cheese Mont blanc

Here’s another kabocha recipe I would like to share. Kabocha is not just suitable to make savory food. Since It has rich sweetness with less water content. Making pastry is also very suitable. This time I use kabocha to make mont blanc cake! It usually comes with lots of chestnut cream squeezed on the top to shape like a mountain. Just like mont blanc in the Alps. The problem with this dessert is that, you have to prepare lots of chestnut paste. And it’s very time consuming..Usually end up using canned chestnut paste and you may not be always able to find what you like. Using kabocha you can make paste so easily. And it tastes just as good as the one it’s made with chestnut! I especially like this nice warm orange color. It’s just perfect for this time of the year. Since it’s mini cupcake size, you can pack them in a box easily. Why not making some and give them as halloween gift!
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Halloween recipes, Squash recipes, Baking recipes-Kabocha Soufflé

Halloween is about a month away. Start seeing some spooky decorations here and there..I believe around this time of the year, pumpkin or squash recipe can be one of the most popular words being googled. To get ahead start, I would like to share one easy squash recipe! ; ) For the squash dishes, in Japan, we usually use Japanese squash also known as kabocha. It contents less water and has much concentrated flavor. Since it has very hard shell, it’s definitely not for a curving! This time I processed kabocha into puree and mix into souffle base. The result is fantastic. Though it has rather heavy and rich texture, with the meringue mixed in, it changes into nice light texture in the oven! Make sure to dig in as soon as it comes out of the oven. Don’t miss out this wonderful texture and flavor!!
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Mushrooms recipes, Curry recipes-Kinoko Curry Rice Gratin

I like making curry flavored dishes. Not just ordinary Japanese style curry rice, but Curry Yaki Udon, Curry Kbocha Nimono, Curry Niku jyaga and so on… This time, I decided to use lots of seasonal vegetables such as Kinoko/mushrooms and to make very tasteful curry rice gratin. This method doesn’t require much of simmering time like other stewed style curry. If you have left over steamed rice, you can make this dish with one single fry pan within 15minutes! I believe it’s turning more autumn like weather in certain area such as North America. Why not make nice and warm a fry pan dish!
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